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after much consideration and advice from the forum ive decied to go with the look below. I know many said stay away from the collar bar shirt but i thought who cares as it will probaly be one of if not the only chance i get to wear. I wasnt sure about the tie but at the moment its the only one i have thats even near suitable, if i have enougth money before i go i may buy a new tie. sorry about light on second picture my flash didnt go off then my batties ran out so...
below are pictures of four choices i cant decied between. i will be attending court to support my brother , so only sitting in public gallery. which one should i chose please excuss prictures as im not very good at taking them of my self
Quote: Originally Posted by NakedYoga Agreed. Are we even sure there's a jury? If it's a hearing or bench trial, the judge isn't going to care about you whatsoever. And even if there is a jury, I doubt they'll know you're somehow related to the defendant. all i know is its at crowncourt i belive there will be a jury
Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey Pictures of the whole outfit would help. I don't have any pictures of me in the suit yet ,but follow the link and you will see a picture of the suit and shirt i talk about.
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL I considered that possibility, but judging from other posts he's made (I took a quick look), and the fact that syntax does not appear to be the issue, I'll stick with my initial appraisal: laziness. Oh, and punctuation I assume is ordinarily used in most any language...? I am english i just dont always proof read and iam lazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto Shirt and suit colors are fine for court, but I wouldn't buy a wool/poly blend. if you dont recmmend wool/polyblend what do you reconmend
afte helfrom other forums and this one i think i might settle on suit below in link i also have the shirt model is wearing but not sure if its too much
thanks for your help to just make it clear its my brother in court hes the defendent up for harrasement ( which he didnt do) not me i will only be attending and sitting in gallery at the moment i wont give evidence or say anything in court. As for the wall of toys some as ive said in the past belong to my nephew some me if you must know im a massive transformers fan so get you stupid comments out it dosent affect me.
pretty soon i will be attending court to support my brother. can any one suggest what i might wear should i wear a shirt and tie or go for a shirt tie and waistcoat or go the whole hog and wear a suit?
you could try ebayfor collars or theres a good website called vintage shirt company that have collars i would go for a collar.
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