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Quote: Originally Posted by marg I put everything on last night after class to see the whole package. Definitely looks clean as hell. I tried to take a picture, but nothing came out well. I'll ask the girl to take a picture tomorrow night before we go to the wedding. When she stops laughing, hopefully she will take a good pic that I can put up for you guys. Thanks for the help! hey just reading this thread , i own a pair the same as bond...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mag1013 Found these ones on Jermyn Street that will have to do as a substitute. I like them quite a lot Now I just need to have buttons added to my suit trousers. Anyone know a good tailor in London? excellent find i too love cillians braces he wears them so well.
havent posted in a while seen some wonderfull looks of late hes some of my recent looks i'm really loving bow ties a lot lately maybe because i'm a huge doctor who fan.
I don't think it matters what club your going to. As said before its your choice, if you like braces(i do ) wear them and don't care what people say and yes show them off.
as some one who sell on ebay you should leave truful feedback rember in the detail seller rating just mark down a bit on p+p be truful but if like he said it was a favour for some one else dont mark down as it refelcts badly when others look at her account
i will be attending my friends weeding in november and will be wearing a blue suit with peak lapels as pictured in my court wear thread. My question are which shirt is better a tab collar one or a club collar and if i wear club collar should i wer my collar pin or bar i just a bit worried as no one will know what it is and might think it wired. also what colour tie should i wear and what colour braces pattenered or solid colour. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria burnbulb should be back from his brother's trial...I hope that he comments. - B had a lot of problems so no post recently the triasl was posponed till october as one of the key defence police witness had swine flu . i think a lawyer should always be dressed smart when doing legal bussiness.
no we havent spoken to his lawyer as my brother is 4-5 hour drive away, so to speak to his very busy lawyer is near impossible we will only see him on the day.
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL His brother's the perp, er, accused in this case (innocent, according to bbulb) and he is merely attending to lend fraternal support. Wants to look his very best to lend credibility to the proceedings, or something like that. (Maybe also hit on court stenographer/ lady jurors?) This bulb will burn brightly come judgement day. yes m am only support for my brothers at the momment, i dont think i will be called as...
after much consideration and advice from the forum ive decied to go with the look below. I know many said stay away from the collar bar shirt but i thought who cares as it will probaly be one of if not the only chance i get to wear. I wasnt sure about the tie but at the moment its the only one i have thats even near suitable, if i have enougth money before i go i may buy a new tie. sorry about light on second picture my flash didnt go off then my batties ran out so...
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