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Hi ive been away a while i know and if your refuring to my brothers i can say he was found not guilty and vindicatedby judge who said his wife was out to get him.
Thanks for your support its appreciated. I will say this to members the most of you are amazing and a few are idiots criticise my clothes the fit the colour as much as you like but my looks never. I like my teeth and will not change them or spend hundreds on cosmetic stuff on them , so if you have a problem with my teeth do one i dont care . I look forward to posting more as i like the majority of the people on here. Today a good american friend who posts on here and...
Yes my trousers are too long but due to a delivery prolem suit only recived 3 days before event , i didnt have time to get them alterd but will soon. And yes i do have fangs nothing i can do about it
Yes i noticed that and removed a few seconds later it was a new purchase and i did forget to remove before pics taken.
Oh and before any one says i know jackets to long but i didnt have time when i recived jacket to get it altered. I will have it taliored when i have the funds next month.
pics of me from sunday suit is m&s,shirt and collar dennys and studs vintage . pics taken at are oscars themed summer ball
yes they are tuxedo trousers but most uk shops they come with loops or side adjusters only realy expensive brands or bespoke have buttons
Many thanks for reply, with regards trouser they come with belt loops i think ill take to talior to get brace buttons put in. Like the look of bot.h stud sets but think ill have to go cheaper
Hi im helping to organise a hollywood/oscars themed ball for next month. I plan on wearing a peaked lapel tux with marcella collarless shirt and wing collar and have a few questions as follows which collar do peolpe think is best Higher Grafton or lower Windsor and should wings be behind or ion top of bow? What typer of shirt studds are best and who do the best one for a resonable price? The trouser i have dont come with suspender(brace) buttons sewn in , i want to get...
thanks for reply but i dont own a stiff spread collar and its not really the look i want to go for . As most people attending will do new hollywood (think brad pitt,george clooney) i want to do an old hollywood style.
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