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This is me in tmlewin braces they are fantastic
Really like this look the collar bar and pink shirt are amazing . I see you wear belts do you ever use braces/suspenders?
Hi i have an up coming dinner dance at work and will be wearing a blue suit . What shirt, tie and pocket square should i chosse?. Currently im thinking either white or pink shirt . Your help and thoughts are greatly recived.
thankf for you knid words i didnt shave as my razor broke so went out to replace , i havent had a haircut as my usual person is a way so will be getting it done next week . The shirt is actually an attached collar .
Not posted in a while looking forward to people comments good or bad didnt have full photo as my trpod broke. tie and shirt marks and spencer,waistcoat topman,collarbar of unnknown origin and pocket square from next
Haven't posted in a while but felt need to comment on this post . The whole look is amazing regardless of if it s right time of day or not.
I like the suits and shirts for this film and hes even back to wearing his thurston braces with his tux .
Well she no longer his wife , she just wanted to stop him seeing his son, thank god she lost.
Thanks deadbn for the kind words and agree with you, i dont always get it right as the so called rules state but at least i do try. Unlike most people i know my mistakes but do try to fix. I will fix my tux when i get time , i would have done it before event but trousers only arrived 5 days before event . My local taylor quoted 100 pounds to alter trouser and jacket and said it would take 3 weeks. I couldnt do it as i didnt have time or money , but i will do it soon.
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