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I know it's August, but fall feels just around the corner here in the Netherlands - the corner behind us, actually, but hey, I'm an LA transplant. So I am interested in finding the right winter coat. I'm looking for a storm system overcoat, and would prefer Mac length, so I can still ride my bike. Let me know if you see something awesome that would fit a 42R. Cheers
Beautiful coat
I, too, would just wear a belt in this case. However, not long ago I had a fairly expensive suit tailored that was badly damaged in the process, right in the middle of the calf of the pantleg. It was about a dime sized tear and in two directions. I had the fabric rewoven and now you can't see it at all. I wouldn't bother with these pants, if I were you, but a talented reweaver can do such a phenomenal job you would never notice this in a million years.
Nordstrom Rack often has Allen Edmonds in that price range. You could also probably find shirts in your range there or on Sierra Trading Post, and then take them to a tailor and get them fitted to you. Congrats on the job!
There was a thread around here about scale of patterns when matching multiple patterns...
I would like to personally thank the contributors to this thread. I haven't cried so hard laughing since damnyouautocorrect.com Holy shit, it hurts
Quote: Originally Posted by cioni2k After 4 agonizing months it finally arrived! Swapped on a custom-ordered short length Sirtoli alligator band for my small wrists. I love this watch! I have the same watch. The face cracked after about 2 years of use under semi-normal conditions (took a flight, went skiing, hotel for a shower and out to dinner in freezing weather). Stowa makes a nice watch but I was disappointed that they charged me to...
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood Never wore shorts in all my years in Africa. The wusses from who claim to wear them because of the heat are talking nonsense. Shorts are for the beach or sports field not for the street. +1. though w/o the Africa part. I always wear shorts when I am working out, diving or surfing. Other than that, never.
The geometry of this gentleman's body would benefit from longer pantlegs, and probably slightly wider pantlegs as well. Is he actually taking a self portrait with his front facing phone camera in this picture?
I think doing the CPA is a good idea. You're going to be faced with so much regulatory stuff and CPA is probably the best way to get into the details of analysis you will need to know when you want a capital event and don't want to get screwed by a pack of sharky banker types (like me) that will offer you 20% of what your business is worth and help you feel like a rock star when you get 25%. Then we'll invest your new stack of cash for you for a fee! Incidentally, I...
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