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PM sent
I posted a reply and also sent you a PM - didn't hear back. Are these shirts for sale?
Beautiful and timeless
Interested to know what you have in 42 Truzzi and Barba. White and blue only. Beautiful selection - thanks for posting.
Hi Headed to Napoli next week and interested in advice for shopping. I will not get custom suits made, but am really looking for a good discount shop where I can get reasonable prices on top brands (like Barba and Truzzi shirts for 100 euro or so). First eye is on a couple unique belts, some replacement conservative shirts, could also be interested in suits and/or a jacket. If this question has already been addressed on this forum (I could not find it in search), a...
Hey mr foodguy, you have a handle on chowhound?
You should live downtown. There are a few apartment complexes near 1st or 2nd (Promenande Towers, and a couple on Grand) that are reasonably priced, nice if you have a sense of style and can make it cool, and have all the amenities you want - gym, pool, dry cleaning, concierge, etc. You will have a lot more fun in LA if you get home from your job in under 15 minutes. Everyone will be complaining about traffic and you will have just finished your workout and be ready to...
Not an iPad case, but she does make them. I got a very nice case for my Air from Jolie Originals. The iPad cases are the same - felt lined leather - classy, sleek, and well made.
What a beautiful piece. You always have great stuff.
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