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Unfortunately not. I should like to. Is there high variability among the lasts or are there reasonable proxies for US sizes
Do these fit true to size? Beautiful shoes
These bags remind me of my old reversible Gucci belt and LL Cool J "radio"...
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Don't knock it 'til you try it man. Brazilians take their junk food very seriously. +1, one of the best burgers I had was in Brazil. The bread is what sets it apart. If you're in LA, Engine Company makes a very nice burger.
Thanks, gents. I was thinking I wanted more collar support, but I guess it's probably irrelevant since the "boxed" shirts from the cleaners come with cardboard there... Thanks again
I am thinking of switching up my road warrior accoutrements to go with a large canvas or leather duffel and a shirt box. I was recently on the Battastoni site and saw an item called a portacamicie that is a zipping leather and canvas box that stores four shirts (I usually get half of my laundry boxed so it's easy to travel with). Does anyone know where else I can find something like this? Also, any recommendations on duffels would be appreciated - including if...
Nice bag. If it was about 75% bigger I'd be all over it
Just wanted to say that James is a great seller and the quality of these items are great. I bought the suit and it is beautiful. Also James was very helpful in terms of answering all my questions about fit, so if you have any hesitation there, don't hesitate. These coats are sweet, someone should scoop them up asap.
I recommend wearing a 750 GMAT.
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc That Aquascutum overcoat is incredible Yes, outrageously so
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