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some nice fall ties with a bit of extra flavor there
Annoying - if this was size 52 I'd buy almost all of it
That is a seriously beautiful piece
Can you get it in 52?
I need a white suit for an occasion. I prefer Naples tailoring (Partenopea would be perfect) but I don't much care since it is a one time thing. Linen or cotton is preferred, but again it doesn't matter a whole lot. Didn't I see a RLPL white suit on this forum about a year ago? PM me if you have/know something... Otherwise it's suit supply for me...
Just got three suits back from Franz - he did amazing work and is a complete gentleman. The handsewn surgeon cuffs are impeccable, and the fit on everything is flawless. FYI on pricing I think it was roughly $300 per suit to open the cuffs, hem the pants, shape the seat of the pants, and take out a small roll in the shoulder. A bargain at any price! Lots of people spend huge money on expensive suits because of the massive amount of handwork they have, only to take them...
Thought I would mention that when I took one of these to the tailor, he commented a couple of times on the material and construction, and then took a $7000 Kiton from another client off the rack to show that they were the exact same fabric. Just FYI for anyone who is on the fence.
If you have access to these shirts in 16.5 please PM me
nice boots!
nice boots
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