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are these true to size?
I need a black shoe for suits, business casual, etc. I don't want to go full on traditional black shoe though, more of a streetwear vibe. Any recos? $300 or so?
Do you guys make (or intend to make) a full zip front hoodie with the side zips as well?
Any recommendations for a black shoe for weddings, funerals, etc (ie to go with a black suit)? I'm thinking a cap toe oxford perhaps? I'd like to spend less than $300. TIA!
copped from where?
Wanted to buy drkshdw or Rick Owens shorts in size small preferably in black or dark grey Thanks for looking
what shews?
Does anyone know who is making a good black waxed jean? Had a pair and completely ruined them. Was gonna break down and get nudie, but looks like they aren't even making the coated styles anymore.
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