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needs diff shoes
is there a white/bone distressed derby (like layer-0 or guidi) that does not fall into the baller category? maybe sub $500 or even less? looked around a bit but haven't seen much.
are these true to size?
I need a black shoe for suits, business casual, etc. I don't want to go full on traditional black shoe though, more of a streetwear vibe. Any recos? $300 or so?
Do you guys make (or intend to make) a full zip front hoodie with the side zips as well?
Any recommendations for a black shoe for weddings, funerals, etc (ie to go with a black suit)? I'm thinking a cap toe oxford perhaps? I'd like to spend less than $300. TIA!
copped from where?
Wanted to buy drkshdw or Rick Owens shorts in size small preferably in black or dark grey Thanks for looking
what shews?
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