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sry to go off topic slightly but my health teacher told us "milk is for babies" can some1 tell me if this is a myth? and planks are a good work out we had to do them in football practice.
i use T-gel for dandruff.
i signed it but it looks hopeless.
apple has only like 5% of the market share so i dunno why you guys are all angry about apple getting a sale.
i love it.
i go to supercuts which is a big chain barber shop. its different every time and i dont really like it but after a week or two i got enough hair to style it into something i like. its $14 for a cut.
if you enjoy a sport, join a local league that has competitive yet friendly matches. I hate working out but i started playing ice hockey at lunch every weekday and its a great workout and really fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by Impulse155 down 30 lbs guys, i look like a normal person and not being fat thanks so much guys and i leave for my trip to the bahamas in 1 week Im really happy for you, most people give up but you stuck with it. have fun in the bahamas with your new slimmer body and make sure you keep the weight off. Cheers. =)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Y I think you're remembering incorrectly. No way did Michael Jordan ever play basketball with a bodyfat of 4%. He'd keel over from the running. Some competition bodybuilders can get down that low for a stage show but they can't maintain it for more than a few hours. i believe lance armstrong keeps his BF at 5% year round.
Quote: Originally Posted by manicturncoat When the Americans actually score a goal themselves they can start talking about deserving to win instead of whining about the ref over what were, particularly in Mastroeni's case, dangerous tackles; late, with both feet and aimed directly at Pirlo's ankle. This is a canonical red card. after watching 9-10 games of the world cup myself so far i havnt seen a red card given until mastroeni's, and i...
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