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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan We'll see. They already tried re-blocking the pants, but that didn't work. I'm not sure what next steps are. you're cocky enough to post nonchalantly about your 5k suits, 1k pants, and hermes wallet purchase attempts but you're not enough of man to hold a "respected" cleaner accountable for their mistakes?
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 Where do you reside?? Which insurance company are you with?? Which insurance company is the other party with?? I worked for a rental company, and this situation comes up very frequently. Insurance companies are notorious procrastinators, and during this time of year many adjuster are on vacation which slows things to a grinding halt. I would talk to your adjuster and see if they are willing to pay for the rental and...
Not sure if this appropriate here, but I figure there are lots of lawyers here: I was in an accident where another driver cut across several lanes trying to make a turn and hit me. The police report states what happened as well as the citation issued to the other driver. This accident happened about 12 days ago. I contacted the other insurance company a few hours after the accident. Since then they have done almost nothing to help including rarely if ever return phone...
I had a minor alteration with Sid Mashburn and no problem. I had a more significant alteration with Mario Bosco (lowering my suit collar). It took two tries but it turned out great. I think he was just conservative the first time. I used El-gent for a simple back darting and they stained a shirt and claimed it wasn't their fault.
I don't if they're the best, but I've been happy with forum favorite Kent Wang's linen stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by dj-jd Michael -- Excellent answer! Thank you very much. If you were looking for this answer, why bother asking?
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 By the way RLBL were on sale as well, solid blue, but not much discount, come out to 1.5K instead of the regular 1.9K. There are some polo stuff on sale as well, discounted much heavily, somthing like 40% off, saw a polo suit about 680, which is not a bad deal (and in the rare small size, i.e. 36S). The RLBL's size were pretty comprehensive as well, surprisingly for a sale. Don't think I saw any purple label suit on...
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