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Attachment 17036 Yeah, I thought those shoes might come off funny to some people. I was just looking for something new/different to pair up with my denim. That aside, the above are a pair of distressed suede ankle-boots by Prada.
These shoes.Attachment 17033
Didn't James Bond sport a pair in a few scenes in QoS?
This is a funeral. You're not really meant to think so much about fashion. I would personally go for a black tie.
I've pretty much got it down to where I don't even have to think to get that perfect dimple. Also, those ties do seem to come out way too fat for that knot.
Quite a few... My favorite ones are BVLGARI and Davidoff varieties, even though they are cheaper than some of the other ones I have.
Greentorii, are you insistent on buying loafers? Or is it that you want a somewhat mature, 'formal' look. Would I be right in guessing that you will be wearing dark jeans and button-ups? What about laced oxfords? I've seen some by a company called Schmoove which aren't expensive and come in great styles. Although, I've never heard anything quality-wise about them...
This is my first post/thread here, so I hope all goes well! Just two purchases I was thinking of making for the upcoming winter months.. The peacoat has a nice slim-cut to it, and the shoes - well, I think the suede will look interesting with dark denim or perhaps black cotton slacks. Yay, or Nay?
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