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That's "Nucky's girlfriend." Neither he nor J.N. let the "duckface" stop them, and given the chance, I wouldn't either.She's five eight, so he must be, what, at least 3 foot 10, whatever he's called.Paz de la Huerta, and she's double breasted.
You're almost ready to be seated on the Supreme Court.
I get a bad feeling out of all this. The way several here have been able to drop a shitload of pics on the topic leads me to believe that a dam will burst some day, perhaps after a Hollywood character wears one in a hit action movie, and next thing we know, guys will be all over Walmart and the rest of middle America in skirts and flip-flops, t-shirts and tats. As if things aren't seedy enough already.
I just had a couple of enjoyable hours pawing through their stuff (followed at a remove by a knowledgeable salesman (who served as straightman to my razor like wit, but I guess that usage is all messed up, nowadays)) and bought a few things. Well worth the visit, when you shuffle off to Buffalo on a weekday morning, as I did the other day.
Just to be clear, we're talking about turtlenecks, right? If you got one (I do), get one.
Today's NYT online has slide show of HBO party after the Emmys; lot's of "tuxes" but not one a correct black tie rig using GABTS (generally accepted black tie standards). A bit surprising, even in this debased age, that not even the "adults" in attendance knew what a dinner jacket should be. However, pics of Sofia Vergara insure you're not wasting your time.
Back in the day, MAD Magazine referred to this type of hat as a "Madison Avenue crash helmet," if I remember rightly. And yeah, they were pretty scarce by 1969. But then, MADison Ave, the industry if not the street, was a stand-in for "the man." And "the man" wore a hat, if he felt like it. Still does.
Because the split toe mimics the split that is sought by (most) men the world over. It is an homage to the most desirable and elusive split of all.
Are large pearl white buttons on a dark jacket in good taste? For men? I know brass is currently "out," but does it have to be replaced with something garish, or, how's this work? Just eskin.'
You might be on the wrong forum.
New Posts  All Forums: