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Well, his grandparents were from Germany, not Austria, so there's that.
Dude is dressed better than 99 percent of the American populace and he hasn't even left the prison grounds! Norwegian Killer Says Solitary Confinement, in 3-Room Suite, Violates His Rights ...
I disagree, not too baggy, maybe more of a classic cut which works on most. Not everyone has to have the "peg-leg" look which will look very dated sooner or later. Right pant leg could use a press, though. My .02.
It's not the guns that I don't like (have several myself), it's the nuts behind them that I'm leery of. An unarmed nut is just a nut, though, and worries me not a wit. So, for the record: I wish guns were a WHOLE LOT more difficult for people to get a hold of. And yes, the constitution stays. Not going to argue the nuts and bolts of it, it can be done.
Working on this "well regulated militia" thing: 1) Are you 26 years old? 2) Do you live with your Mommy? 3) Do you and she like to shoot together? Does she ask the neighbors to keep the noise down for you? 4) Have you ever been laid? 5) Have you never had a job? 6) Did you go to school on the "short bus"? A) If the answer to all of these is "yes," you have the right to buy and own at least 13 firearms. B) Is this a great country, or what? Another biased media...
Indeed, it does appear as if "The War on Christians" has come a bit early this year...http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/10/02/oregon-shooter-said-to-have-singled-out-christians-for-killing-in-horrific-act-of-cowardice/ and, of course, if you don't trust "The Media," here's one for you: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/10/02/father-of-student-wounded-in-oregon-shooting-offers-disturbing-details-about-how-christians-were-targeted/
Do you really believe that suicide only affects the person attempting/carrying it out?
These are some good boat shoes. I bought a pair at O'Connell's in the Spring of last year, attracted to the fact that they offered a C width and O'Connell's had them right there to try on. Anyway, sailed in salt water with them on my feet all last Summer. Then got in a hurry putting the boat away and although intending to explore what was best for my new, expensive boat shoes, I didn't do anything special or even rinse them in fresh water, I just threw them in the cloth...
Ah, "the left." Hide your daughters. Friendly amendment: "all sane people".All suggestions fully vetted already for 2nd amendment compliance, so hold your fire: 1) No sales of handguns to anyone without permit to carry one. Permit to carry one to be on some sort of "proven need" basis vetted by authorities. 2) Long gun sales restricted to traditional, small magazine hunting rifles. 3) If a true militia does ever come into being, military weapons and ammo restricted to...
I see what you mean. It's women's work vs. Saudi book publishing. Nothing to lose your head over.
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