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I watched the cop video: I like how they shoot him and then handcuff him. Is that what the boys in blue do these days as standard operating procedure? Nice. If an ambulance arrives, will they uncuff him right there for the medics, or do they have to book his corpse down at the station house first before he gets medical treatment? I honestly don't know.
Well, according to the dockhand, my Seiko 5 now rests in about 25 feet of water at low, so the 100 foot depth spec was more than adequate!
Well, I think it had a clasp like the one you pictured. I remember there was a lot of SF talk about what a great bracelet the watch had for the money, back when I bought.Full disclosure: because the watch was heavy and the band made my wrist sweat at times, I WAS in the unconscious habit of unfastening the clasp and letting the clunker dangle loosely on my wrist for a few minutes at a time. I honestly can't remember if I had done that yesterday just before the loss, or...
Tale of woe, I lost my "baby" yesterday. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration but I post to seek recommendations for a replacement of my lost Seiko diver with metal bracelet (a Seiko 5 that was much ballyhooed on here a few years back, I bought online for 100 bucks all in and I liked it). And, to caution how else a watch can be lost in an instant! So, I was bringing my sailboat up to a dock under power yesterday. Cel phone was on the deck, car keys in my pocket, etc....
Sure you do.
I wonder how much firepower each had. Oh yeah, and where'd they get them?
Maybe now America will get behind some Black Gun Control: or
Wow, the new 37 cent stamps are in?! (I think this design is several years old, check the back of one for my dried spit.)
Sing it, brother: "May the circle, jerk unbroken, bye and bye Lord, bye and bye."
Not at all clear that he was "crazy;" pretty clear that he was anti-social in the extreme and wasn't down with "gay is ok." Access to top quality weapons with no questions asked made his violent plan easier to carry out.As for "ISIS;" he literally phoned it in on the way to getting his 30 minutes of fame. Why not give this year's "Dr. Evil" its due and let his audience hyperventilate about today's "terrorist du jour?" He certainly wouldn't want anyone to think that maybe...
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