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Want to buy: w+h 2009 loop terry hoodie, Grey. Not the newer large loop terry hoodie from 2010-2011.
Just got my natural color Tanner Cardholder. I might hit it with some Obenauf's later, but right now it's still in its original state. Here are a couple of pics for you guys: Front: Back: Side: Inside: Construction: Good construction. Stitching is clean and consistent. Hardware is rugged - snaps down securely. Edges are burnished, which definitely gives it a quality feel. Leather is a double layer stitched together, but still remains a reasonable thickness....
Quote: Originally Posted by Lupo How is the quality/sizing/fit of the large looped zip hoodie? Quality is fine, but its more of a knit than traditional hoodie material. definitely softer and more comfortable than their past terry loop hoodies, though. Sizing is pretty much consisting with past offerings, but there is more leeway in sizing down as the material can stretch. Fits slim.
Get another pair. You're not going to be able to unshrink them, and you'll end up unsatisfied with any kind of alteration you try to make. You might still be able to wear the jeans - try rolling the hem past the ankles and go for a cropped look for when summer comes around.
They look to be these:
same here. my 008 didn't stretch very noticeably. maybe .5 inches.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Fuck these tards, they straight ripped off the Iron Heart leather patch: not particularly well, either.
Ah ok, I think that answers my question. Thanks Jay.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay-D Which Somet model are you comparing? Construction you can compare to Iron Heart products as a frame of reference (same designers, factory, and similar details). TW has a fairly low rise (I call medium rise). Fit is slightly slimmer than the Somet XX-008. TW fabrics are heavier, tighter weave, and will not stretch as much or as quickly. Thanks for the info. I'm comparing to the 008 (skinny). How...
haha, what the hell. Seems like the only thing Gilt is good for anymore is comedy.
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