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i just want to shoot the sht with smart people all day long. Think for a living.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryansmith Just had a hell of a meal at EMP. http://smithratliff.com/2011/06/16/d...-madison-park/ having that menu in a month, pretty stoked. you have a great camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson What? Of course you care. My first meal at Alinea I saved every penny for 6 months. If they had somehow charged me $25 more than I thought they were going to, I'd have been rolling up my sleeves in the dishpit. You'd be surprised how many people go to these places with very little disposable income and this is what they save up for. i underestimated the amount of hardcore foodies at these restaurants...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's OK so what happened? Where did this fiasco go? yea, reveal the results. wont judge you.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar PS, while I agree very plush and a super prime location with real estate that is $$$$ and worth it, is still on the fourth floor of a shopping mall. HAHAHA. just to play devil's advocate, EMP is on the first floor of an investment bank! I loved tasting menus at both, thought EMP was just as good with less $$$. but honestly, if you are eating at those places, you are not caring about that $ differential,...
break really fked with my life...
for the real cliche, nobu.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevent Just going off what a few planners have shown me. Nothing is guaranteed, but it's relatively plausible. In 2003-first quarter 2008 you could be averaging 30-50% yearly returns and we should be entering that cycle soon. The only real guarantee would probably be the Medallion Fund. not to sound too pompous, but those planners sound like clowns and jokes.. to OP: west village for the win if you want the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 drop mmm regular fit. Are these decently slim fitting?
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Personal observation: married women, of any age, are much cooler than annoying 20/30-something girls. cooler to anyone but the husband?
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