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Wear a turtleneck dude. lol always work with me. Always keep a turtleneck around just in case. even if it's the ugliest piece of crap in the world.
Most of the time, turkeys are usually really really dry. I love putting cranberry sauce on my turkeys then stuffing my face with some stuffing.
Oh my......I'm excited to eat today!
You guy's have no idea. Go over to goodfellas in staten island. Best pizzas I swear.
That's a lol!
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade You're going to fail. Lol. I'm still a newbie, but I will get up to those thousands of posts that you guys have. Remember guys! The more posts you have, the bigger your ....fill in the blank
Yeah, I like how some of the models on the runway wear the most ridiculous clothing yet are not ridiculed.
Wow this is a great thread. Gave me some ideas =]
Wow I've never even heard of these terms before. I'm new to this forum, and just reading these terms that you posted blows my mind. Never knew you can put a name to everything! lol Thanks
I think this guy was looking for stuff on wiki
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