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rag&bone dress platform calvin klein boots ...sorry for the picture quality... being in reston, i don't have fred to take pictures for me
would it be correct to assume that this is the wrong places to ask for suggestions for women's leather jackets as well? i want a short -maybe bomber maybe not- leather jacket. i found an awesome one a few years ago but didn't get it when i had the chance and definitely missed out. now i can't find any that i like really at all. help? thanksss
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty (love that thing on your shoulders, whatever it is) but I don't really like the color combination of the top half. it's the giantest scarf i've ever seen wrapped around me like a cape-sort of. and yeah the tan sweater was really only because i didn't want to wear all black and couldnt figure out what other color would not clash with my shoes.
vintage top that once was a dress nudie slim kim white embo my fav jeans miu miu sculptured heels ... they're quite possibly the ugliest and coolest shoes i own.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May What was it that she glue-gunned onto it? It's hundreds of pages ripped from books (nothing good, don't worry) that I glue-gunned onto single sheets of WWD and then double-sided-foam-taped to a concrete pillar. It was supposed to be a tree, so there's random branches stuck in there at the top too. (It's v.2 of itself, after a day the first one feel down like an unpeeling banana)
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic I don't get the "that girl" fit. I don't even know what that means.
Quote: Originally Posted by FredSelvage Farinelli's girls represent! I'm not as fancy as That Girl, but who really is? Love that top ... such a scandalous back! And I wish I could rock hats like you Fred.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Is this Laura? Fok. yes it is, good guess. i finally joined styleforum!
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite mauro how fast did those sick fred perry mock neck sweaters sell out? i kind of missed that boat. We have a 42 and a 44 in Reston.
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