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tops : citizens, madewell, splendid jeans : acne shoes : lanvin
Quote: Originally Posted by Klemins What's the return/exchange policy like for Farinelli's? I received an item and would like to return it if possible. Thanks For phone/paypal orders, please email and let us know what you are sending back. You have 14 days to get it back to us, and we will credit your card or paypal. If you want to exchange for something else, that is also fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by wpeters Is the sale stock located in the Reston store, Clarendon store, or split between them? I'm thinking of stopping in this evening. In Reston, I have : Nice Collective pants -Simple Pant, Flap Jean, Shell Pant Nice Collective tees -V13 and Argyle Spurr Estate jacket, medium Shirt by Shirt shirts -flannel (red plaid) and plaid (blue) ...Clarendon has everything else.
sling & stone (
It should be faily easy, epaulets are usually a surface detail and not sewn as part of a seam. I can't comment on price, but as someone who can sew, I can't imagine it would be very costly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kregg You bet. Go hens! I went to UD!
Quote: Originally Posted by blantonator Do you still have the Nice Collective Cardigan in small at Reston? no the only small sweaters we have are rag&bone (double breasted cardigan & vneck waffle) they have it in clarendon ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix \\ Oh, and NEVER NEVER NEVER pop the collar EVER!!! Popping it inside of a jacket like that is about as bad as you can possibly get without adding multiple popped collars like this guy i know that guy. his name is josh. it was st patricks day. he had classes with my boyfriend, we all went to college together. just thought i'd note that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit I'm a big fan of the regular fits (Impala, w/ the 'knee tucks') from PRPS (washes, not raw). Size 33's are hard to find and would be much appreciated. . . We have them in stock in Reston. Right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by RustyRyan Mauro, what PRPS jeans will you have available in relaxed fit? In Reston, the closest that we have to a relaxed fit are the P45P34X LIT BARRACUDA ( and PRPS01AA DARK REGULAR (
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