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Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Daaaamn. How old, exactly? hmm i'd say no more than four years and they weren't raw when i bought them, just dark. not only did i wear the shit out of these jeans, but i took some sandpaper and a boxcutter to them in the beginning because i wanted some distressing immediately. now there are HUGE holes in the knees and i feel like a hobo wearing them, but i love them anyhow
i can't get text pictures, will you email it to me? farinellis.reston@gmail is fine thanksss! oh wait nvrmnd, do you have the camera at all?
Quote: Originally Posted by cldpsu Niiiiice Collective i want to see the girl's sweaters! are they cute?
so the picture is kind of awkward, but i just wanted to show the honeycombing on the jeans i'm wearing today. they're super old paper denim & cloth, love them.
Quote: Originally Posted by aketo What's the stock like for the 8 oz. EG denim? Which store has them? I'm thinking about stopping by this weekend to check them out. i have 28, 30, 32, and 36 in reston ... don't know what sizes (if any?) clarendon has. if you want me to hold a pair for you, let me know. thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mdeep1 awesome look but not really diggin the saddles. would look good with some type of ankle boot. i love the saddle shoes, i think they're neat!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jupiter Room Stacking seems a bit off. it definitely is, my pants are too long so i have them rolled awkwardly in the back. i feel like they're not long enough to warrant getting them hemmed, so awkward stacking ftw haha
good afternoon boys, it's so nice out today! "mini mac" rag&bone cropped trench madewell tee underneath; jeans kors wedges
Quote: Originally Posted by jaydc7 Do you still have the Khaki Andover in stock in sizes L and XL? Yes, we have both sizes in Clarendon. Call/email if you would like to order! DONT FORGET, BOYS! TODAY at the Clarendon store come by to hear a talk by Apolis Activism co-founder (Shea!) as well as preview their spring collection. He will be bringing some SS09 items as well as our shipment so stick around and buy stuff...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Any opinions on this line (for the ladies)? It's by J crew, right? madwell is my newest obsession, it is for girls only and was a workwear company acquired and redesigned (reimagined?) by j.crew. i have tops and jeans and a jacket, and wear something madewell almost every day ...LOVE it and thanks jet, ctrl!
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