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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I have more tolerance for styles that I'm not partial towards when it IS all they wear. Dressing preppy one day, gothninja the next, fashion-runway boy the day after....that's when it all seems more contrived and costumey. See I don't know ... I feel like I wear things day after day that aren't necessarily the same genre of style. But I guess I don't take each style so far that it looks costume-y (or at...
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Shoes are really fucking fly, but if you can't walk in them, I'm taking away your license to drive them. *Goes back to lurking* Thanks!! And oh you better believe I can walk in those shoes ... just because I'm that girl, doesn't mean I'm that girl haha. For being a 6" heel, they're pretty comfortable. I'm going to wear them everyyyy day. Quote: Originally Posted by ShyBoy adorable...
my shoes make me like 6 inches taller ... i'm in love with them plus it's the nicest day outside! madewell top nudie tight long johns ysl tribute pumps
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro pokey- what size did you want in the tees. I have one red one thats a full size run. the rest I have in each style. random sizes. in reston, i have full size runs of five different styles if clarendon doesn't have what you're looking for
Quote: Originally Posted by mr. burns i think you need to settle down. i think it was sarcasm?
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota I just read on the blog about Crystal Couture and Metro Men Monday. Are you guys showcasing the Farinelli's collection that Mauro keeps hinting at, the brands you have in store, or both? just the brands we have in store currently. we're sending ten looks down the runway and will have a table with lots of excellent things to look at!
cool, thanks ... i think i'd like to wear them with dresses, especially. coldsnap, that's funny about the concert ... too bad it took you the entire night to realize ... i do enjoy tegan & sara quite a bit myself, although i do like boys over girls.
i have a pair of via spiga boots that sound like what you're looking for. they're from a few years ago, but via spiga shoes are generally pretty nice and have similar designs for multiple seasons.
how do you all feel about a girl in desert boots? i want them but am not sure if i'd look too silly. fwiw, i have and wear wallabees ALL the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Dear Christian and Laura, Don't you guys have, you know, phones? If not, do you know how to use the PM function? I believe that Mauro learned how to recently. Concerned, Fok. Thanks Fok, for your concern. Phone? Is that the magical thing where you press 10 or so random numbers and then there's a person on the other side? I think I have one of those gadgets. Maybe one day I'll get the hang of it
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