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i'm going on a quasi-date tonight. is this headpiece wearable (with a different outfit) to be super girly? or does it look ridiculous? (tshirt is madewell, btw)
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow btw, i love your shoes!
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite WTF?! oh yeah, I definitely did that, I just kinda peaced out one weekend haha. I'm working for Eugenia Kim now, she's a milliner ... amazing stuff. and thanks boys for the feedback! the socks are always a 50/50 love/hate thing for me ... but sometimes, like in 6 inch heels, they're just necessary hah.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus I lived in Richmond and Roanoke/Raleigh area, I'd be grumpy if I lived there, too. Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint i'm from roanoke and i want to kill myself every time i even think of having to go back there to visit. went to VCU so i'm feeling the richmond pain - just glad i made it out without getting stabbed. I was from Northern VA but I moved to NYC last week, so...
so i look grumpy...but... dress is sunshine & shadow coat is rag & bone shoes, ysl tribute 2 (which, you can't see much of, but they're my favorite) without a coat ... and then ... thoughts? suggestions? help?
you're kidding, right? fold in half, to make a triangle. tie behind neck.
lately i've been seriously coordinating outfits. elizabeth & james blazer random blue sweater am apparel vneck acne jeans louboutin flats
Quote: Originally Posted by jet List what you're wearing dork. You can do no wrong, except maybe that cuff action you got goin on. Please keep wearing the shooz goddam. Shirt is Ralph Lauren something or other Blazer is Elizabeth & James Jeans are Tight Long Johns Lucky Brand scarf YSL Double Tribute shoes The only reason I have the sleeves cuffed like that is because the blazer has 3/4 sleeves, I couldn't decide if I liked the...
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan First WAYWT ever? I'm the kiddy in the foreground. Knit Cap LE MTM OCBD John Partridge of Stanton Lee 101z Clarks Discuss. you look totally rad, i think.
i was just really happy with my outfit today. and again, the shoes <3 but here's a question- i like to wear socks with heels ... does that look ridiculous? would it look better if the socks were a contrasting color to the heels instead of a similar color? or does it not even really matter because no one will notice, especially when wearing pants (as opposed to a skirt/dress)?
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