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thanks for the feedback, as always. ... i got a new hat! my friends thought i could pull it off, given my usual sartorial choices. the band wraps around my head like a headscarf and will tie at whatever angle i choose. thoughts? hat, federica moretti handmade
good morning boys today is pretty gloomy outside, low 70s and rainy. it's also my birthday so i wanted a spiffy outfit. dress -acne (but made in china) sweater -helmut lang belt -from an old l.a.m.b. dress flats -lanvin
hmm interesting. thanks boys. makes me think about dressing to appeal to boys vs girls senses... also i wish that i could wear heels to work, but i walk around all day and heels just won't cut it :/
this outfit actually seemed to work out today... purple striped polo oxford forever 21 skirt (i wore it backwards, there is a giant bow on the front side) lanvin flats gryson bag
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Any female who sticks around here obviously has a high threshhold for creepiness! I mean, it's styleforum ... you boys live in a world all your own Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May ^Or, would say that in the hopes that being nice to him will keep him out of the bushes in the neighbour's yard while a restraining order is drawn up. hahahaha yes
thanks db_ggmm, i appreciate your essayed response
Interesting thread, boys. Quote: Originally Posted by Wrigglez hair is more important tho Hair is more important than outfit? Interesting... my hair usually does whatever it wants & looks awkward more often than not Quote: Originally Posted by winston Absolutely. So few women understand how attractive a sundress is. What is so attractive about a sundress? It's just a dress/best option when it's a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Would give another angle. You wouldn't be the first girl I know who likes heels slightly larger then skin tight, to prevent damage. Keep posting please. That was the only angle my friend could figure out to take where it showed the dress and shoes. I wish it showed more of the shoes because they are an architectural feat of beauty lol... and thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Shoes look far too large. secretly, they are the right size ... maybe it's a weird angle? i don't know...
forever 21 dress and miu miu shoes.
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