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i agree w jet & totally enjoy the outfit! Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Here's a mix of brands, lounge around the house on Sunday edition J Crew AA Julian Red Rick
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap you are always dating it seems, playa playa lol something like that, it's just the boys i keep meeting aren't awesome! tonight's outfit? just headed to the bar ..half king alternative apparel tankdress helmut lang sweater pencey vegan fur tight long johns loeffler randal caged heels
i'm wearing these loeffler randall heels out tonight, so i'll post tonight's too ... but this boy i wasn't too keen on impressing- hah so boots it was!
hi boys, i hope you're all enjoying your 2010! i wore this on a date the other night, we were part of a studio audience for a taped concert but this black tank is slowly turning into my fav.. it's just scandalous enough hah sorry for the picture quality! m missoni sweater t alexander wang black tank bess studded jeans (EVERYTHING they make is studded, so rad) frye engineer 12r + almost all of my bracelets stacked
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite brj's aesthetic seems in line with the growing trend of new victorianism, gq wrote this article about it a few weeks ago featuring two dudes in brooklyn i bought a chocolate bar from. it's very "there will be blood" and i've seen many of the pieces in person through my friends' band who are sponsored by BRJ. then again, their lead singer has a very jeremiah johnson-esque vibe to him so it's no wonder how he can...
He pulls his inspiration from people, events, and clothing during 1860 - 1960, so there's a different aesthetic mix than just "western" or workwear, although both things I can definitely see. Oh, and that dude's black eye was totally faked, it makes him look .. tough? Hah
I wore this out to MoMA & the bar last night . . . Eugenia Kim winter-knit turban Madewell vneck tshirt & sweater Forever 21 skirt (yes, I know.) tights (over & under) Kors wedges random fur coat
good afternoon boys, i need your advice! see by chloe super sparkly sweater dress (bracelets i made myself) i'm completely stuck on shoe type, it's pouring currently so galoshes and a trench when i go out today, but if i want to dress to impress? flats? black heels are a solid (but oh-so-boring) choice, suggestions are wholly appreciated!! besides any commentary on fit as well . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May There are a lot of asian girls who wear either tights or fishnets under short shorts. Often jean shorts. It looks fucking ridiculous. I've actually seen red jean shorts over black stockings, you look like Micky Mouse, wtf were you thinking. +1 i've seen it on all sorts of girls, not just asian ones ... i just don't understandddd, i thought shorts were for when it was too warm to wear pants?!
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason The floral top + skirt aren't flattering your silouette much. agreed. i just liked the floral/plaid/color combo that they present. Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula The skirt and top are an interesting combo. still deciding wether I like it. me too ... Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - sorry, no cup cake.. sad. hrmm, looks...
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