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Hey guys, anyone know what brand of shirt this is? Thanks Will be recognized as that "nice tie you have".
Anyone have any info on this knot?
Quote: Originally Posted by mouseandcat i think i have that seamaster, from my dad, it's on its way back from omega factory for a little sprucing up. i'm not much of a watch person, so couldn't tell you for sure. but i am, was rather (when i was younger) a fan of orson scott card (ender's game under the watch, correct?) Wow, that's pretty amazing. It's definitely under Ender's Game.
Heres my Vintage Seiko.
Email said mine shipped out on the 8th and I haven't recieved mine yet. (Canada)
Don't go.
Belongs in street wear?
+1 on the extra smalls.
Omega Speedy or a Seamaster =)
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