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Oversized knits are sexy as fuck.
That duffle coat though.
Autograph still has some stuffs on sale.
Perhaps the other colors are different and possibly so but I can only speak for the black which felt like sandpaper since the day I got it. Compared to other stuff I've felt is the least luxurious by far and I do quite enjoy rustic fabrics like lambswool and crispy linens as well, however, this does absolutely nothing for me and is just plain scratchy. Last post on this topic sorry for the derail guys.
The wings and horns stuff doesn't seem to be affected but then they aren't 100% cotton are they? I wash my clothes very carefully and the hoodie was in cold water with a gentle detergent that doesn't have optical brighteners in it or other harsh ingredients. I also add a water softening agent along with another additive that neutralizes the chlorine so it doesn't bleach my dark clothes or yellow my whites. I also didn't put this in the dryer yet somehow after the first...
They've held up well because they're not black. The cotton is pretty shitty too h&m has better sweatshirts unfortunately.
I would advise against any dark colored reigning champ stuff, my black hoodie has faded after each wash in very mild detergent without being dried in a dryer. The laces have faded to gray and the cotton is unimpressive, I wouldn't buy again.
^these and sw are my fav upmanns enjoy (not sure about the plume)
I asked for white jean recs before (thanks chet) but I decided I want some better quality shit than 501s like the somets I had that shrank too much even though Gordon told me they wouldn't. Damn those were nice. Also need some recs for ivory linen pants, no drawstring but not formal pants like rotas either (no designer shit price tags), some shit that would be perfect for stuntin in malibu.
Website aint updated or what fam? Ah nm the shit I want isn't on sale.
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