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I do eat a lot, in fact sometimes I have up to 3 meals a day. I also drink a lot, get very little sleep and smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in 200% form.
105 = 66,439
I had the first set of vs-xxs in the country for an m3, true story.
i've posted several fit picsyour turn to post a fit
i'm talking about the dskp versions that have been coming to the US forever, not talking about limited editions
this snoopy character is creepy as fuck, no idea why he/she is here
I've never seen them shipped with the wheels, the reason retards would put them on was because they weren't black. If the wheels came with red caps they'd seek out the black ones. Absolutely no logic when it comes to modderfuckers.
for posterity
you should throw up a fit pic of your gap/uniqlo fits instead of creeping on all these dudes hereand let me get this straight, if you have a nice physique you should show it off to attract females?
LMs my favorite rims of all time. Moronic modders love putting dumb red caps on them though.
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