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It's interesting you mention that because that's exactly what crossed my mind as well when I saw the pic. I really despise that cut since my back tapers a lot.
Thanks rais, I couldn't find anything when i reverse imaged. Too lazy to translate but seems it's on the shorter side per the specs.
I've actually been waiting for some floral vans to get back in stock for the past 3 weeks so fuck you all.
Thanks bros, is the shirt light or does it have more heft to it? You guys are so new york man.
thanks bruh but is homi supposed to answer or ?
There was a signup before their site went live.I actually pulled a jet like stunt and became a founder back then, will have to tell you guys the story one of these days hahaa.Word up homie I should be free to chauffeur you around windows down smoking and getting lost in brentwood again lmao.Which tunic did you have? I swear IM color names are the worst but I think yours looks best. Not sure if long enough for my taste.
Crazy shit.
What? The growing dislike has absolutely zero to do with how well he plays.
Last year's popover looks better than the sand one on the site, too bad no light blue though. Is that the niche floral I've asked four times for a pic of worn?
I am a founder but stopped getting the email a few years ago presumably because I didn't spend enough there
New Posts  All Forums: