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I like how we're on page 420.
I just have these two I bought years agothey look cooler in these photos bc of the blue tinted water, ps they are plasticI've gotta say I've easily been sleeping 8-9 hrs a night. Got a faribault but haven't used it yet because it's been hot lately.
basic percale, hotel sets with border and some frilly shit didn't get any since I found a nicer RL set I liked more
copped some plush ass frette towels
60 = 24196 where the fuck is @canstyleace
so hot i'm already looking for linen pants and popovers
Was watching miami vice last night man it was just as cool as I remembered. Wardrobes still fresh today.
what no popover
not to mention it's as if they're on the phone with each other "hey I'm gonna post this right now so act like my little bitch and back me up"
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