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lol come on stitch mc = rules and parameters, tight tolerances sw = THERE ARE NO FUCKING RULES it's not weird shit, it's putting shapes and styles together and not working with any kind of constraints smh (just look at your first 50 casual fits) with mc there are specific parameters among the same COMPONENTS (jacket, shirt, pants, tie) that are the antithesis of freely wearing a wide variety of styles that is sw yes you can copy a successful person's formula and learn...
fuck just saw this, rfx you just need to call me next time dog wasn't on the forum all day
holy fuck that jan jan
those tile cardigans hot fire
the type of people mc attracts is the exact type who need help and lack personal style and such like doctors, lawyers, etc who are typically nerds and need the help of alpha M (3)that's why all these style blogs incorporate the broad spectrum of advice they do, cool dudes already know how to dress (in sw without even wearing sf approved brands which is admittedly more difficult), talk to women, groom, play the guitar, etc...just sayin
unfortunately none of those things require any skill except for sizing (is that really rocket science though) and color/pattern matching which like i said most fail at anyway
I don't understand why it would be so difficult, purchase formosa suit, inglese shirt, take to tailor, wear with good color/fabrics accessories and done. Even mc fits where proportions and cuts are right, color palettes are terrible.
10 bux says kunk will be changing his tune and lifting in metcons in two months
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