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Lebron still a little bitch.
Pretty disappointed at color palate and lack of interesting shirts.
How fast are you guys getting responses from the boutique?
you guys got some girl ass feet
Met up a friend and went to Mr Holmes for some pastries which were enjoyable but nothing mind blowing. I must say the cold brew was fucking excellent, lovely bunch of ladies there too. Drove around a bit and ended up going to H. Rays. Waited about 40 minutes and was able to grab a seat inside. I rather enjoyed the loud 90s hip hop when inside and endured the "yes chef' chants amidst all the commotion. Now on to the fried chicken, it didn't quite meet my expectations...
1. Is he/she interested in purchasing jacket? If not then it doesn't matter. If so then it doesn't matter because it's from last year and thus unavailable.2. Is he/she asking to decide whether or not to remain friends with you? If so then lulz.
Don't listen to synth, he'll tell you he doesn't wear black then he'll go and wear black three days in a row.
nobody cares broham
Ok so the total is 1k, got it.
^I know man you seriously can't go wrong with any of them they're all perfect
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