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espn comments, "i feel bad for die hard heat fans" one of the responses: is there such a thing? doubt he'll be leaving
pic of loafers
stupid subscriptions add doesn't work so i have to post
green buffalo check looks amazing
probably not on price but check out Q and zo
^that's what they say but I wasn't hardly impressed with them, perhaps I should have let them cool so they wouldn't have burned my mouth thereby rendering my taste buds non-operational...but the place was everything i was looking for in a restaurant for that particular night cyc, well, ya
friend took me to cut in bh on saturday for my bday, never had any interest to go until recently where i heard their steaks were superior to the usual suspects (mortons, mastros, ruths chris) and i'm not much of a steak eater but this intrigued me...was pleasantly surprised by the casualness and apporachability of the place and wait staff, not stuffy or pretentious at all. we got a couple whiskys at side bar which was a huge ripoff at $50 for a dram of springbank 10 and...
met wolfgang puck saturday night, super nice guy from what I could tell also the wagyus were ridiculous, great dinner overall
don't touch the line
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