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I don't have the intellectual horsepower for this conversation.
nice little thread cleanse
At least this guy has decent taste in cigars.
Re: the extra warm, I'm not a big fan of the smooth and silkiness, feels sort of like pantyhose on my body. The ultra is totally different, cotton-like and real plush with a nice texture which I prefer. I gave it another chance today and it's grown on me, not that warm by itself which is how I was wearing it before. However, under a fleece it's like an oven which is what I wanted. Still may get some merino though been reading smart wool ain't as good as it used to be...
bruh it ain't that serious, spend the 29 dollars and find out
Old one was pissing me off so I got the bmw of mills.
Bought me a nice pepper mill.
That is strange those are my least favorite cigars.
bro you're at it again?
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