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You probably shouldn't be shopping at porter if you can't afford 50 off bruh.
Well ya I'm sure the lunar is way better but in terms of looks black chucks with black laces is og as fuck.
I thought the fuck steph curry song was good but the fuck bron bron is better.
regular chucks are still the best
I wouldn't expect measurements during sale time.
Contrary to popular belief this isn't about what you're actually wearing.
This is fun, keep guessing Jeffrey.
Exactly, says the guy who resells ties on a clothing forum lmao.I used to live the miserable corporate life, now I smoke aged cuban cigars and drink craft beer while working.Again, we'll be using all the banners to dry our tears.
Me: History matters. You: Banners don't win championships. I believe this is what they call a strawman unless I'm mistaken. Gotta go to work no time for this nonsense.
I don't even know what you're arguing, now it's something different you just sound butthurt.
New Posts  All Forums: