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same here bruh, no fucks given
Man AF1s sole and profile is just too goofy in sizes about 10 so I'm out.
Falcons spanking dat ass. edit - not anymore lol
All that polyester shit stinks as soon as you get some wear on them I don't touch that shit except heattechs (which do the same obviously).
+ 300 = 6500
Nice man, what were the standouts? Back to cigar copping mode got stuff trickling in. So far lgc mdo 4 and today royal robustos and boli libertadores came in. Both look excellent and will be taking them for a ride this weekend. Had a picadores last week which was nice so I ordered a box and had a scdlh el principe. Sort of expanding my horizons getting stuff I've not smoked much of.
stfu about sizing
i don't know who's more of a bitch him or lebron
Lebron still a little bitch.
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