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that's good news
75 = 24731
that margiela looks like some derek rose shit
I've not had the pleasure of meeting your wife.Agreed, it's got a corny futuristic look.Just saw the GT4 vid, so glad it has a proper transmission seems porsche finally got it right.
Pretty sure you ain't an F1 driver and don't drive a circuit on your way to your office job broski
I don't know what I enjoyed more, your definition of driver involvement, the fact you responded twice separately to a post of mine or your lack of security with your choice of automatic transmissions.Also I could never take the crown away from idfnl jeffrey
fit is excellent
pics of said robe fits?
I like how we're on page 420.
I just have these two I bought years agothey look cooler in these photos bc of the blue tinted water, ps they are plasticI've gotta say I've easily been sleeping 8-9 hrs a night. Got a faribault but haven't used it yet because it's been hot lately.
New Posts  All Forums: