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Bros, recs? Off white ivory/cream colored linen pants White jeans
Last fits are great.
Remember when they said flyknits will go down in cost? lmao
The reason they are sucking is because their clothes are. The v necks I used to buy the shit out of are garbage and so are the fits now. Old flannels were pretty good as were the oxfords, not perfect but not wonky fits like now. Shit shrinks like crazy nowadays, very limited scope of items, same colors not all the proper hues, I could go on and on. If they hired jetdawg as a consultant they'd be on top. Before, I always wanted to go and check it out but now that we...
You come to socal?
Had a decent hoyo dc from 13, was craving a double corona.
Will be interesting to see the zubac and Ingram in purple in gold next season.
Oversized knits are sexy as fuck.
That duffle coat though.
Autograph still has some stuffs on sale.
New Posts  All Forums: