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Ya but who has those.
So tired of undelivering cohibas and d4s lately. Need to crack a rass cab.
On what? Info is in my post gnat.
I've had a few cigars this week two of which are montecarlos. I don't know why I didn't buy more boxes. I also don't know why I waste my time with a lot of cohibas when these are better than most and cheap as fuck.
Way too damn hot for this thread.
The cardigan is a size big.
Some nice stuff as always J. Subbed.
Who's the bastard who copped the size v x8 cardigan from SP? Damn Greg has something I need.
Second on the 3rd/fairfax area first then venice recommendations, those are quintessential LA neighborhoods. Irvine is a manufactured city in a cultural void which is surrounded by more sterility. Silver lake/echo park is a bit out of the way in the wrong direction but a decent place to spend half a day.
haven't had a che in years and it wasn't an original release
New Posts  All Forums: