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stark is my go to knit, probably the least nicest that i have but most durable if you have the body type for it then it is pretty flattering thankfully it is long and thick helps i got it for free too
let your arm rest i don't take common supplements so i've not had an pre workouts before but i know they just contain a bunch of stimulants, sometimes i have coffee but usually do that vitamin stack i mentioned along with my daily vits the one i told you about is good for long sustainable energy
hope you feel proud of yourself for being a cheap fuck and an asshole
good look msg i think i'm going to go for the black mid weight zipped and maybe the lightweight pants but neither are on BO, may just cop or have someone cop for me for xmas
but stark looks like shit
15 = 112115 another pr tonight sons
don't like this frayed seems bullshitthanks many
thanks gents looking for the terry zip up
i'll show you guys how to wear the vest
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