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China made tools are trash, facts.
Canada Guy Eh
You silly nationalist.
Common sense bruh think about it. They ain't re-inventing the wheel.
You will find out in a few days, doesn't matter what we have to say at this point.As good as a $40 sweater can be.
Went with my buddy to palm desert yesterday to pick up a clean e34 m5, last year they made with decent mileage. Guy had the motor built by a reputable shop and I drove it on the way back giving it some stick a few times of course. I have to say it was pretty fast for a 23 year old car and was a joy to drive something so mechanical. Standard bmw clutch feel and heavy accelerator pedal, the car really made you work for it but the thing moved with its 400hp.
How much R&D do you think is involved in developing a relic transmission? I'm always amused when people think there there is a ton of R&D in a manual trans.Correct, the pdk cars that are daily driven are not enthusiasts but customers wanting to convey an image, it's everywhere in LA. I read this story of some thieves awhile back who tried to carjack a guy but couldn't get away because they didn't know how to drive a manual, so sad.I don't think I've once in my life got...
Didn't really find that menu funny (I was ready to) then again I've seen that shit before in LA so nothing shocking there. Nice pics brosef.
Damn son that sucks.
Not terribly similar but check out valstar on nmwa.
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