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Problem is after the shaq years Kobe didn't have a great supporting cast he could rely on for buckets when it became his team. I remember watching Jordan and he would hog the ball as much despite having Kerr/Paxon/Pippen. Everyone was always scared to step up and the only person he would trust to take the last shot was #bigshotrob, not that I blame him. To me the clutchest player of all time as well as the most explosive offensively, 2008-2009ish was simply remarkable...
Its idfml we're talking about he's down there with steve b in terms of iq.
That's why duncan is always compared to jordan lmao.Love this commercial.
already on a decline
What a nice night for basketball fans. I think I'm at peace.
Crazy all the celebs and fans at his last game, well deserved finale I must say for the best player the game has seen since jordan.
3 years ago today
You can say that again.
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