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no kipping here those aren't real pull-ups but db only up to 40kg?
sounds like it should be a tagged 42 or so
that's really odd, sometimes garments get mistagged with the wrong size so I don't know what's the measurements on that i.e. p2p, length and sleeve length?
^looks great there's a menswear guy on igram who always posts the juncus and it's a great piece filed jacket looks to be a size big
you're asking the wrong du my mobility is straight garbage, i'm probably the most inflexible meathead at the gym and i have no routine except warming up with light weighti'm thinking of doing yoga and pilates but aint' nobody got time for that...i have a rumble roller which is a torture device and every time i look at it i get intimidated, only used it a few times when i first got it last yearwish i could help you but this time i ain't got the answers except to start doing...
they should look great regardless of price
there's been 3 posts about that buddy
thats a photoshop right?
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