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Now you know how I feel when you post pickups.
someone alert me when free 3.0s go cheap I'd like to get another pair sup rfx also let me know sup with sock darts on sale as well and sizing
I don't know man I emailed haven and they were great. Maybe bc i got celebrity status.
You seem to be quite enamored with them to post 11 pictures and have shoe trees in them.
Does Lagarconne even get any new mens stuff? Their buys are garbage compared to women's.
Starting to like the knicks.
lol @ hedi ripping off checkered vans on the tongue and is that leopard? i think he's managed to incorporate that into most of his tacky designs
Never seen an epaulet thing I wanted to buy. Need some nice black chelseas but mc lasts like carmina rain make me uneasy.
Glad you liked it, vibe there is very LA as well as the interior design.
I like the shine and the shape is perfect, I was told to size down when I inquired about sizing. I may have to cop these let me know how they fit for you.
New Posts  All Forums: