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Bruh you talking to the first person to be coppin schneider on this forum.
Very nice selection and nice presentation this time on the pre-order.Is it me or are the clothes shrinking, he used to produce looser fits before but with each passing season stuff is getting smaller. Or maybe I'm getting fatter lmao.
same here bruh, no fucks given
Man AF1s sole and profile is just too goofy in sizes about 10 so I'm out.
Falcons spanking dat ass. edit - not anymore lol
All that polyester shit stinks as soon as you get some wear on them I don't touch that shit except heattechs (which do the same obviously).
+ 300 = 6500
Nice man, what were the standouts? Back to cigar copping mode got stuff trickling in. So far lgc mdo 4 and today royal robustos and boli libertadores came in. Both look excellent and will be taking them for a ride this weekend. Had a picadores last week which was nice so I ordered a box and had a scdlh el principe. Sort of expanding my horizons getting stuff I've not smoked much of.
stfu about sizing
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