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I don't understand how jeffrey has so much time to post in this thread all the damn time.
regg thanks, was originally looking for something in black plus i'm not crazy about mohair because it sheds and the strands are longer than i likewho has them in my size and whats the price? I have a margaret howell that I haven't worn bc its' been very warm here and I've got a couple guys who want it if I decide not to keep it
lol @ asking someone to check inventory on a website for you
so easy just throw a bunch of weird shit together diniro
why not?
i want some zimmerli linen pajamas or should i say pyjamas
I am tired of all these dickheads in LA whose dress is clearly inspired by the kanye movement. Even a buddy of mine who had no interest in nice clothing is posting up je tees, long scalloped hems and buscemi or whatever the fuck they're called sneakers.
i wanted them at first but worried they'd look huge in a 10.5
seriously like who the fuck cares which noodles in broth is better
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