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what happened to vox?
Those idiots don't have a phone there and no carry out. I should copy their recipe and open nearby, 7 days a week until 8pm.
check easel and the pullover version are dope
@myshoeiswet how old are those butteros? haven't seen them many any styles like that in years still looking for some
Never even heard of that spot. Man I'm out of the loop.
Every time I want to go to howlin rays it's like a monday or tuesday. Fuck that guy's hours.
When is the mkii coming out and what's sticker? I didn't realize it was coming out so soon just need dat manual gearbox. Man fuck gt4 used ones are going for msrp, my buddy keeps bugging me to get one but the market turns me off.My buddy is a bmw guy and just got his second corvette, first was an older c5, new one c6 and he loves it. He talked about some valve train bullshit he had to change out due to some factory flaws in order to have long term reliability I think it...
I'm inching closer to an m4 these days. It's grown on me except for the shitty sounding exhaust but 550hp. Some jrzs and bbs until maybe next gen gt3.
I was gonna say look at this guy peacocking as I scrolled down then I saw you already used that word.
wingstop is disgusting
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