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Bev center is way better than any of the other uniqlos don't even waste your time. That being said I was going to pick up a gray ma1 as well but the fabric looked cheap as fuck. Picked up some plain tees tho.
So the car slammed on its brakes or was it already stopped with lots of space in front of it? Not sure I follow what happened.
How does the car being stopped with a gap affect your ability to stop your car?
There was much debate when the two came out, I smoked through a box of the grandiosos and they were very nice.
Man one thing I don't like about ss knits is the crew necks always have a mock neck feel since they're so small it rides up on your neck.
where the fuck is @DLester
bruhhh i haven't worn my new standards in months and finally decided to wear them last night but could barely squeeze into them, gained like 9 lbs so no more carbs for meand what the fuck is a stylish parka
nah man mine is niche
well he should uncobble them
can't believe y'all sleeping on the beige plaid knits
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