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Let's all name our dream cars now in this thread. There are some technoviolet e46 m3s in existence.
60 = 22870
Lakers fam.
Well my w210 just died in the middle of the street which was nice. I have roadside on speed dial. Pretty sure it's the crank sensor. My god German cars are such shit. I think I will have to get the manual GT3 when it comes out though at this point I'm a bit infatuated with the 911r but that car is made of unobtanium and price is just ludicrous.
Good job homie. Had a rass yesterday and a really firm rascc.
All this happened from 10k to 80k. Theres about 160 on it now.
The 08s are so excellent, I remember when you told me to jump on them many years ago. If you feel like sending them I'd be happy to try them.Luckily I still have some left, I think I only smoke a couple a year plus a buddy has a jar or two. Love it, I think it's time soon.
A buddy of mine refuses to keep a german car once it's out of warranty, can't say that I blame him. I've had my alternator go out twice, hvac panel replaced, vanos solenoid malfunction. exhaust hangers repeatedly break, door seals falling off, dsc module gone bad, coils gone bad three times, rearview auto dim fail, sub-frame issues, diff gone bad, window switch stop working, xenon bulbs burn out, guibo fall apart, etc. Of course he also drives one of the last manual...
New Posts  All Forums: