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if you say so good to have you back kj, miss the sleeves man those laceless margielas ruin every fit, i think you need to find some pants that aren't carrot shaped nor yohji perhaps benes
first scarf is ugly btw, are you going to defend the army/navy surplus where you got it? also not sure you actually know how to use a scarf?
what i'm getting at is the black and white scarf doesn't look good nor does it look like much of a scarf, props for the sentimental value though i wasn't attempting to offend grandma
[[SPOILER]] no offense to grandma but i've never seen this scarves look good, she needs to knit some faliero level shawls
new coros are fabulous
who has the sage in the sp color i'm curious
nothing will happen for awhile
hoodies are lame unless you're just lounging with a cigar or at the gym, only reason I have any sorry fok
why you selling berto
this guy has been pretty good lately, old pics were meh
New Posts  All Forums: