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this was so good, crazy with mars in that room with all the Vs back theni don't know what's lamer, the clothes or russy
I think sp is my favorite store at the moment and has been for awhile. LA used to have the best shops in the country but I think design in general has fallen off for the most part so it's not entirely the fault of shop owners.
how much
like krish said wouldn't cost a lot but I wouldn't put it in a non-enclosed room, plus you can just light your lampe bergerbuilding a walk in humidor on the other hand would run around 15-20k not to mention all the boxes to fill it
cigar room
i ain't even mad trustmy collarbone is sexy
tell me more guys *turns bbq over*
looks cold
I don't understand how jeffrey has so much time to post in this thread all the damn time.
regg thanks, was originally looking for something in black plus i'm not crazy about mohair because it sheds and the strands are longer than i likewho has them in my size and whats the price? I have a margaret howell that I haven't worn bc its' been very warm here and I've got a couple guys who want it if I decide not to keep it
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