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I like the shine and the shape is perfect, I was told to size down when I inquired about sizing. I may have to cop these let me know how they fit for you.
hate how big that sole is free 3.0s best runners i've had
Those look great, how did you size though? Worried about how that leather will look in person like how the postman oxford looks different from pics.
from? is this some cool new brand I never heard of?
Heat doin Wade dirty man.
I can't believe how much these dus are getting paid these days.
I thought this was a joke at first.
Lots of recs check LA thread. Baco Mercat is interesting and good drinks.
My buddy just picked up an e46 m3 since he used to ride in mine over a decade ago and I said "looks like it had a lasting impression on you" and he goes ya. Hope he doesn't do like my other buddy and turn dsc because he knows I always drive with it off and fishtail into a curb.Can't wait until he starts getting all these surprises on his car
Yep looks like everyone dresses the same.
New Posts  All Forums: