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u looks trash from the pics hopefully there is something decent in the whole store when spring arrives
something like your customs
Don't like anything except maybe the U static shirt. Not interested in dark colors and boring designs for summer.
need some cool black side zips like @Fuuma nice pickups berto, can't remember if I have any keyhole (jil calls it teardrop) sweaters but I have an asymmetric v neck one that's pretty sick
lmao 6 years on sf
worth a repost
shirt is hilarious reg
That's cheap for a box of churchills. Make sure they're from a legitimate vendor.
Probably a little less that what you can get them here for, I'd venture to guess around 250-270.Smoked a nice fresh lgc medaille d'or #4 today, great draw and flavor. Got my sticks lined up for work this weekend hitting the bolis again.I think i'm going to keep copping some more variety, maybe some choix supremes and slr regios which I don't think I've ever had but don't like getting hung up on only a few vitolas.
Even though I have a niche 3/4 sleeve sweater I'm still conflicted on sweater tees. Only good for transitional seasons me thinks. Wore my basic crew neck tee which is nice and long, can't stand small ass fucking t shirts. Hopefully doesn't shrink in any subsequent washes.
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