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Like those except the toe box now raised which kills it.
Was this a really bad attempt at a jab because it made no sense.
"We" and "clearly injured" lmao. Kyrie wont have a game like that anymore and warriors shot like garbage in the 2nd half. Statistically this won't happen again.
black shirt for summer dawg? got my swim trunks and baller espadrilles came last week
Lebrons was a punk move done out of spite. What make's iverson's so great is that they went on to win the championship (10).
I was at plan check on friday and it was funny seeing people cheering for the warriors and like two for the cavs. I asked our server where the fuck all these warrior fans came from and he said fuckin no idea and laughed. Lebron is just more and more of a bitch every game. I love that his finals record is about to be 2-5 while Kobe and Jordan are laughing their asses off.
Do they let you take pics of the shoes after you buy them?
and one who can heel and toe no less my god this fuck you debate is such a horrid topic
It's mind boggling all the crying going on in here. There's a secret sale going on that I can't talk about but if you know then you know what I'm talking about.
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