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Can someone tell me why iPhones are $750? Someone tell me how I'm doing it wrong.
You guys see chris paul get slapped by that one dude and porzingas (sp?)? Some dirty shit.
I know you're old, well more like ancient, but surely you remember the 81 point game.If you respond I will post a vid of kobe giving your boy duncan a facial.
Might be going to atlanta around end of feb/mar any good cigar bars around? Let me know if anybody would want to meet up for a smoke and a drink around that time.
Thinking about going to atlanta soon (inman park), bad idea or nah? Got a buddy out there working on a movie and I might visit.
10 years ago today
Dlester got his own line now??
Mdo 2 is the best of the bunch imho. I would just try a fresh box first. Will report back on the d4s I got coming. Really tempted to get the 09s but they jacked up the price on them some more.
New Posts  All Forums: