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Shirt is dope is it current?
I don't know why someone who look to cp alternatives when it's cps that they want and can be had on sale. Porter will prob drop some more on selected items in another week.
Lebron has been doing what he's always done and that's play efficiently. It doesn't make him a killer in clutch situations though it just makes him a really good player when the stress isn't too high and people using the word carried as in his team is laughable as if he's playing with scrubs. He does deserve mvp if they win but it will be surprising if warriors drop 3 in a row.
lol @ ayesha
Milkin dat revenue.
Cheers.Fuck that would be awful if true man.
Game 7 it is.
Never seen somebody get so mad at an off topic discussion lmao. Btw who is that fucking guy?
Why is lebron such a little bitch? I mean he's the biggest and strongest dudes on the court. I loved the interview when a guy asked him about his flopping and he was stuttering trying to find an answer saying he doesn't flop, doesn't know what that is, etc when his teammate hit him and he slid 50 feet.
New Posts  All Forums: