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Actually I do but I'm not even sure I want to sell them anymore because I won't be able to buy them again I've had an interest in only summer clothing for about the past 9 months so all my cops are or will be linen, cotton tees, floral shirts, shoes and hats. I've copped some pieces in the past but now I don't look at anything unless it's thin as fuck or perfect for hot weather.I think watching miami vice the past 6 months had something to do with sparking this.
Fuck the FDA.
have you tried the club monaco? price is steep for themdigging the mh
carson street was always a bit of a joke
All the social media idiots are praising the luke walton choice acting as if he's going to turn current lakers into current warriors. I still can't believe they gave that fool a 5 year deal.
Pippen one of the most overrated players of all time.
I need a pajama collar shirt with cigar pockets, that would be perfect for my lazy ass.
Made a huge difference in feel.
Yeah pretty much with occasional track duty. I didn't want to compromise handling with shitty camber/toe settings but I went a little extreme, well worth it in my opinion. I don't suggest you do this though. Nothing looks worse than a lowered car with 0 camber. Ok well maybe the stance bullshit.
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