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150 = 26885
Metcons look great, material seems durable compared to frees. Too lazy to try on but sizing down half appears to be nearly the same length as frees. Glad I got the all blacks rfx, only because the volt ones seem to be all over the net with the highest numbers. Will report back after leg workouts. When the fuck is the flyknit TR free coming out for men?
It is directed towards A because he doesn't know dick about style and spews bullshit incessantly.
now needs new shirt and tie
It'd be great if novices stopped giving advice to seasoned pros.
Is this you, your car or the road you drive on?Fuck up already.
cue dirtbags at the gym when it's hot as fuck in there and they're wearing beanies comment oh wait I just did
those postmans and gats ain't you either
synth looks like he's about to put some pine through a bandsaw right nowhow do they taste?
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