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I never understood why anyone would wear engineered garments in the first place. That's not to mention that ridiculous looking pear shape pattern or however they cut them. To each their own I guess.
bring back dieworkwear a navajo silver jewelry box
Jesus man this has turned into the fucking apc thread.
I was looking at some duckworth ones made in the states, seemed quality.
Maybe they changed the tagged sizes. I'm a large in most stuff and med in vests for close fit.
Love mine, sleeves are too baggy but I can deal with it since the whole fit is loose. Still glad I picked these up.
I have a different pair and they look great, service direct from them was wonderful and fast.
Bev center is way better than any of the other uniqlos don't even waste your time. That being said I was going to pick up a gray ma1 as well but the fabric looked cheap as fuck. Picked up some plain tees tho.
So the car slammed on its brakes or was it already stopped with lots of space in front of it? Not sure I follow what happened.
How does the car being stopped with a gap affect your ability to stop your car?
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