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for posterity
you should throw up a fit pic of your gap/uniqlo fits instead of creeping on all these dudes hereand let me get this straight, if you have a nice physique you should show it off to attract females?
LMs my favorite rims of all time. Moronic modders love putting dumb red caps on them though.
so hot can't think of anything other than tees
nobody over 19 wears hoodies so most of us wouldn't know
+50 = 66,050
^terrible mitch passed out some 95 hoyo dcs and punches, pretty decent then followed with a jl2 way too hot today in the valley
for the record the shirt is two sizes too small my friend wears small tees to look bigger, i wear big tees so you can hardly tell I workout
It was some regional release from a few years ago I think, I don't know I'm not a boli expert.
I will be in japan in july, 2015 sf meetup?
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