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Fall classic was nice as always, this year's theme was again cajun food. Had all kinds of delicious food cooked up by the host along with the usual cuban band and great weather. I gave him a nice 08 cce which is one of his favs. They were passing around all kinds of sticks as usual, puffed on a plugged davi #2 I think it was which was no good, a partagas 165 109 which was too wet and god knows what else before I got there. Not really a fan of puff puff pass because the...
the video of them in action was so underwhelming, too slow and noisy, nothing like the originals5 out of 10 on execution
looks good, watchu think about it
was this the one i told you to size down on?
If you were here I'd take you to the fall classic this weekend homie.
Gonna be herfing with some du who's here from out of town tomorrow so it'll be nice to get together with the guys.
benes whats the composition on that not like i need another fucking knit
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