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What's the 2nd to last and price? More pics?
It's hilarious the comparisons to kobe and jordan and other irrelevant stats people post on instagram but these are the same people who were born in 1999. Steph's been notably good for what 2 or 3 years?
The lowkey flexing just screams insecurity.
Nah man but say wassup to the homies and have a good time bruva. I wish you would have let me know sooner you were coming.If you stay another day perhaps you can come up to oc and have a smoke on monday.
I can't help but laugh at cortez.
My money is on the latter in terms of looks.
200 = 32510
No doubt LA and oc will be filled with dirtbags driving these around like the early adopting sheep they are, no different than apple fanbois.
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