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See this was the kanye I liked, typical rapper clueless about fashion and who didn't think he was some sort of artist or icon who could do anything. Have him get rich, get stylists, move to LA, couple that with his ever growing ego and all of a sudden he thinks he's raf simons while incorporating fashion into his verses. And it's only gotten worse every year.
Hopefully there won't be a season 2. Somebody needs to stop him already enough is enough. I'll take two.
You don't wear those types of sweaters slouchy, looks odd. Fit looks fine and heavier gauges tend to stretch a bit and mould. Is there a fit pic of the ecru grp bubble in this threak? ps. who bought up all the grey valstars?
I don't even know what a yeezy sweater is fuck that guy. I'm going full construction retard so I might cop some carhartts and red wings since it's my current gig by day. Wonder if the wip stuff is worth the premium over their standard workwear bullshit.
LOL!!! When I get a big ass closet I will unbox everything and show you guys.
Lol I never got that one but it's tonio's fav. I have a few from before ss got popular but I gotta find them.
Think I found what I'm looking for, any reason why I shouldn't from hypebeast? They didn't do nobody wrong here did they?
Thanks homies Ima checkout nonnative and 4horseman. I had a dope deconstructed margiela one in 06 but I traded it to a friend like a dumbass.
nah fabric feels like sandpaper maynenever mind found it in white, how'd you size? I see the chart, is it medium duty? only see it in white on the site
Someone rec me a sweatshirt. Don't want any heritage details, huge ribbing, short tight fit or sausage casing arms. Also don't want any poly just straight up cotton slouchy non-walmart fit. Was looking at uniqlo but highly suspicious of their product now that they've fucked the thing I bought most from them. I think I just need a proper loop wheeler.
New Posts  All Forums: