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steve spittin that truth
Now they out there burning durant jerseys wow haha.
lolllll @ durants tweet going viral all over ig
z4 pea soup green was the worst
Yes yes im hating on a team with what one banner who only recently started winning nigga i dont give a fuck.
First of all KD is a sellout, can't believe he did westbrook dirty like that. Secondly, last thing gs needs is another shooter plus he's not a killer though so I don't see him adding that much for all the hype. But ya, bandwagons are getting back on.
What a sellout, he not a killer tho so he'll still choke.
Now you know how I feel when you post pickups.
someone alert me when free 3.0s go cheap I'd like to get another pair sup rfx also let me know sup with sock darts on sale as well and sizing
I don't know man I emailed haven and they were great. Maybe bc i got celebrity status.
New Posts  All Forums: