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Anyone noticed mrp jocked synth's desert photos? Even the model was a doppleganger.
Fucking awesome, piv was there too. I spotted aj in one of those pics. I need to go this year need a vacation.
Any ndc promo codes?
I feel like dieworkwear would have an answer to this but can anyone recommend some nice athletic crew socks that are made well? Got tired of searching and about to pull the trigger on some nike socks. I don't want any design, stripes is ok or gray heel/toe is fine but no stupid graphics, mostly cotton, and crew length.
Uh aren't those house slippers?
A cigar buddy of mine had rented out the lounge of this restaurant last year (and the year before) and brought his own wine while the food was catered. I was sipping some wine which I thought was pretty good only to find out later the bottle was $700 and all of them were 100 point wines.
Didn't know we had a bunch of fucking wine connoisseurs in swd.
I'm sure someone can recommend, this is the gluten-free vegan mecca.
I forget the guys name but my buddy who's in the industry was telling me awhile back about how one guy was a fucking magician when it came to repairs. Of course Zip was the orchestrator and maestro of all things denim.
I know the guys building the shit, so many metros and a fucking subway? That's what all the commotion is no labrea and wilshire.
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