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what size are you/whats your chest size?
nah man my oxfords still fit me the same its' the damn tees
one thing i hate about uniqlo is how they always change the damn sizing for shit, bought another package of xl supima tees and they were perfect before wash, after very careful cold water wash and virtually no dryer time shit still shrank too much for me now i gotta cop xxl ridiculous
everything in his fit is a size small
had to wear a sweatshirt today
for some reason driving a manual seems to be a huge deal in the US, stupid americans
wtf is this new post shit popup at the bottom, kinda nice
thanks man but i wear a 10.5 fucking japan more i look at them the more they look like nb
oh that's good, i have older ones and i wish the collars were bigger than that
wait uniqlo oxfords now have larger collars? fuck
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