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Nah man meant some places I haven't been you should know that. Haven't been inside BL in ages but never liked the high ceilings and lack of intimacy. Place feels like a museum.
yo seriously guys rec me some places downtown a guy could go to late at night that is palatable? tired of going to the west side to grub all the time
Ok so what size did you order and what do you wear in other brands?
Gasol is overrated, du is just too soft.
So many good memes floating around
cool story bro two posts in a row just for me by some noob i'm flattered think i'll go cry under all the banners at staples
Bruh your team was like the clippers of norcal only slightly better how funny people forget. People still trolling ayesha currys ig haha, these dudes are cold af.
Seriously considering an m4 but would have to get slammed on jrz, bbs and have 600hp to be acceptable.
steve spittin that truth
Now they out there burning durant jerseys wow haha.
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