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man need some sweats but fuckin ndc sold out of my size need those metcon TRs to come out and the 5.0 flyknit frees so i can cop
id fucking buy it if some bastard didn't cop the v a long time ago
kicks look good which cps are they? coat is coo too it amazes me despite how smart fok is he can't take a pic worth a shit in all these years
thought that was your hair as i scrolled down
what the fuck are you waiting for
swaggy baby swaggy
I'm feelin me some nonnative, expert bros what size would I be? Thinking a 3 would fit me but I don't want that shit to be tight, 40-41 chest 172 lbs. Seems like the knits are MIC which would be a shame at that price point.
to wear over jackets? i'm about to order my slim oxford size
how does one love heinous looking footwear?
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