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lol @ cps as walking shoes
Nobody here wears diesel.
They now have two skus of selvedge jeans on their site both with stretch though one doesn't advertise it. No idea which is better and with uniqlo you can be sure they changed the fucking cut and quality of materials between the two. How is the sizing of the slims? I might have to order 8 pairs and see what color/size I like best so i can keep one.
Yeah but it's so hard cracking new boxes. Either they've got a few years of age which isn't enough or they've got more age and that still isn't quite enough. Ultimately you never know until you smoke it though so it's a vicious cycle. Finally ended up just grabbing the first of an rascc since I don't have many short smokes and went with that one. This was after staring into my humidor for twenty minutes, such a frustrating experience sometimes man. I need shorts,...
Regarding leases, audi has always been terrible and bmw has never been anywhere near as good as mb. Therefore I predict pio will forever end up in an mb as has been the case thus far.
These infinite number gear transmissions are only to make up for lack of power. Don't care enough to go to the porsche center though I pass it all the time on the freeway.
Just looked these up and they get the jetdawg seal of approval. Always wanted some sort of budapester to wear with branquinho flares.
Man I need to buy some sticks.
Quarter zips, the polos of winter. Been seeing them everywhere.
It's a rather crisp 65 right now.
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