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That's good news, I'm telling you that doctors best or viva labs albion magnesium works extremely well. RO is good and 3ppm is excellent, my distilled is probably a little less but I like how there is no waste or replacing of filters (it does take electricity and has a fan noise). Does it take out fluoride? I've found the nights I turn off my wifi I actually sleep better. Going to make this a habit.
if it's in a coat i doubt the shower would work unless it gets really hot, worth a try when you turn off the water just leave it in there for awhile with the door/windows closed so the steam doesn't escape
make sure you wear it sidewayscan you steam it?
so they buy ugly shit for the sole purpose of being photographed which accomplishes what exactly? can they monetize this somehow even with there being so many of these clowns? i'm not so sure but the joke's on them because they go home these regrettable purchases
^it's a lot more complicated than that I'm afraid the fits are for the most part ugly bc the garments are ugly
honestly didn't like 90% of the fits which were way too peacocky/gimmicky and not in a good way, one of the things I hate about fashion
stay safe east coast homies *sips lemonade*
I need to come out with some sweatpants
I went through a bottle and stopped halfway through the second. I don't know man, trace minerals are termed such because you don't need a lot and I eat a lot so I figure I'm already getting trace amounts. I also only drink distilled water, I've come to really dislike the minerality in water and prefer the cleanest possible. When I switched I found I was going to the bathroom less so my body was retaining more water. Also my body went through sort of a detox. Been...
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