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Kyrie co-mvp.
Bro you're talking about the forum idiot come on.
Gotta love dat pst and no work tomorrow even though I ain't coppin.
no it's after 1 pst
Man Kyrie was so smooth.
I ain't mad at Lebron he deserved it man, gs just not looking like themselves past 3 games Kobe still better.
What a block. This game is going down to the wire.
Kobe watching this game shaking his head. Curry ice cold and carelessly threw the ball away why would you do that in a critical game. Lebron has not post moves lol but he has been busting his ass along with Kyrie. Whoever the winner is they will have deserved it.
Now we got a game. I'm conflicted who I want to lose more. On the one hand would be great if gs doesn't win the championship after their historic run and they don't repeat and on the other hand would be great if cleveland is teased out of another championship as well as Lebron.
Damn kyrie.
New Posts  All Forums: