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LOL!!! fucking noobs
Can't order shit off a couple of the sites as their payment gateway isn't working, same for you piv? Told these guys and still not working. Thinking of trying my luck at a box of mc2s, will be the first in 5 years.
I've not had much luck with royal robustos as half of my box had construction issues and the first box I smoked through varied in experience. Can't say I've been impressed by many upmanns so I've crossed the marca off my list. Best one I've had of the bunch has probably been the petit corona.
short bd collars on flannels make my bank acct happy
fuck I'm at ucla right now I'll stop by LOL!!
valve no question, rg does absolutely nothing for me his aesthetic is too niche to mesh with anything else in your wardobe (except basics)
good job, everyone should get their asses into shape there is no excuse
wool and nylon? no thanks
sorry meant fit i couldn't care less about the fabric, hopefully they didn't shrink sizing
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