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You guys got any crew sock recs? I'm using elites but they fucking stink after one wear because of all the synthetic garbage in them. Looking for more natural fibers and decent wicking, don't know if merino will be too hot. When I wear normal socks no problem but anything polyester dry fit fucking stinks whereas cotton doesn't.
agreed, he definitely needs a pop of color like maybe a purple tee
Well I think it's fair to distinguish that it isn't made in some massive sweatshop and instead by a small group of people so ya.
hopefully yours since you slept but if i were you ghost i'd have posted a fit with it next week just to taunt severisth in case it was his size
Sort of like people who drive the automatic version of a sports car when a manual is available for me.
I don't think the cp sole works for slip-ons (too stiff), they need to be sort of unstructured and slouchy or thick like celines (which I think vince copied, can't remember since I hadn't looked in awhile).
black pants? faded jeans?
Impossible to find good slip ons at a decent price. Price of shoes is way out of line and needs a correction.
is there going to be men's?
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