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Not shocking, retirement of a legend vs the clippers of norcal two years ago.
Hoping Bulls record stays intact.
what the deal with this
Medium would fit if you're planning to wear it over a thermal shirt but not over a sweater so you'd size to large in that case. This is assuming you're about a 40 suit size (50 euro).
I've never been impressed by those yet they continuously get hyped up on the forums. Not sure what I'll pull out as I'm out of plmcs, maybe a d5 for later. I need to start buying cigars again. Even sg's tools are handmade down to his festool mft clone.
Fuckin soles look like roshes which I hate and the vertical lines are gross. Size 8?
E46 M3s were base 46k plus destination so essentially 47 stripped back in 01 and climbed steadily after that. An average example was 55-60k sticker.E39 M5s were around low to mid 70s.
Lol @ iverson not belonging in hof.
Ah man those are too high, think I might pull the trigger on some 3.0 frees.
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