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Thanks baron, is it because new ones are trash? I saw the designed in hawaii and automatically assumed they're chinese made shirts for 100 bucks. I'll stick to two palms I guess.
@SuspensionPoint when are you guys putting up your stuff?
wrong brosef, and you used the word soundstage so that qualifies you as an audiophileI have caviar taste on a ramen budget.ghdfhfshdkg, they fall out at the gym...currently using some $50 sennheiser bullshit I got a couple years ago but seems one of them has deteriorated sound quality
Thanks for the recs, but I need cheap decent phones for my iPod, no wrap around ear type and nothing wireless for under 40 bux.
forever trouser is nice, need me some elastic waist like the sassy shirt, hate the name
No earphone recs mr audiophiles?
Prob going to cop a two palms, best place for rs?
I need some decent in ear phones for my iPod for the gym please rec me me some bros. Parker how does rs compare to two palms or are they all the same shizzle.
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