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I'm confused as to the price foo. All those colors are fucking great. Man I been wanting one for awhile but I've no idea on fit.
Mines pilling on the inside.
since nobody else is gonna do it
There's a separate watch thread bruh.
It's funny how guys create and boast about these 1 of 1 cars as if it's some sort of feat whereas they're just creating ugly colors nobody wants to buy (which ironically defeats their intent in the first place of creating a high value car) to artificially increase resale like Dino said. These are the same guys who aren't driving their cars so basically they're not doing it for themselves but for future owners which conceptually is like not banging your girlfriend to keep...
Extra warm heat tech is pilling already after a few wears, trash. Lemaire stuff looks nice, he always does a good job and is a proper designer.
what kind of fuckery is that sink and is that a water crank for your faucet?
Ah I see you've downsized your belt collection, nice.
If a customer is willing to pay he should be able to spec whatever he wants the fuck kinda bullshit is this where he is told no because you don't agree with him?Maybe I should take back what I said, 90% of these custom orders are trash. Ruins the second hand market when these cars are available since allocations are used up on garbage specs.
I don't know man the whole thing just read like a bad buzz feed or whatever online journal topic about fashion to me.
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