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Step one throw in trash.
I can't tell what's wrong in this pic. Second pair are hideous.
My brother and his basketball team had those in high school so I've got a soft spot for them.
^this is great
Not to mention the opportunity cost of someone else wanted to purchasing one size of the full size run someone got to try on different fits.They obviously figured out putting everything at 70 off with free shipping both ways wasn't working so they've been less liberal, fewer things on sale and going that deep. Also In case you guys haven't noticed their initial prices are higher, a 3 pack of calvin klein underwear is selling for 60 though they cost 42 everywhere else.My...
The peasant is too stupid to realize I'm talking about the concept of the tax in this scenario and not the price or cost of goods.
So the cockroach crawls out from underneath its rock yet again.
They don't need to start charging shit, nobody needs to pay more fucking tax than we already do.
why the fuck they charging tax for
Thanks bruh, will probably need 33-34, going to cop some white jeans.I'm down for spring shit, in fact these days I find spring more interesting as I already have tons of sweaters and jackets and more scarves I know what to do with here.
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