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I think the nba should give Jeffrey his own team so we could sit back and laugh.
Just looked at images of this Vetements (sorry I been under a rock) and this shit is comical.
Bruh you're engaging an insecure mentally handicapped attention whoring troll who sells ties out of the trunk of his car in the armpit of virginia you do realize that don't you?
bro just don't
Wow I can't believe it, fuck miami for letting wade go he's a good dude. They did him dirty man so he just put his middle finger up and bounced. Whiteside feels like an idiot now that's what he gets for not signing with LA.
PL robusto and lonsdale regionals have underwhelmed me every time sadly. Hopefully your experience is better.
Thanks man.
Nah man meant some places I haven't been you should know that. Haven't been inside BL in ages but never liked the high ceilings and lack of intimacy. Place feels like a museum.
yo seriously guys rec me some places downtown a guy could go to late at night that is palatable? tired of going to the west side to grub all the time
Ok so what size did you order and what do you wear in other brands?
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