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I always get a kick out of hearing this, all you have to do is walk over to wherever they are but people make it sound like a big deal. At my gym half of the dbs are sprawled on the floor and you can never find two that match.
I'm technically a 44 or 45 in euro sizes and I wear a 43 in cp so yes cp does run a size large.
Damn this sucks to hear. I have several pairs of older cps some new in box and haven't purchased anything in the past few years. Makes me not want the new bballs but they did fix the oddball toe box stitching that plagued the model in its early years.
What the fuck are trews.
Congrats bro, you definitely won't be having any time to smoke but all the more reason to get them so you can age them. I have a fantastic box (at least what's left) of lusis but I have no problem smoking DCs in general when I'm at work lmao.
Fok bitchin out again? dayam I've been doing them just not logging and not doing as many since I've gotten bored as fuck with these and more interested in building my overall physique.
That type r yellow is hideous though I was at one point as fanatical about type rs as I was m3s. I put together an r motor in my base model rs back in the day and that shit was pretty fast coupled with skunk ecu (no rev limit), adjustable cam gears, mugen thin metal head gasket, etc.
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