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Never liked those blue IIIs. Man I remember a long ass time ago (wanna say mid 90s) IIIs were plentiful everywhere after they were retroed and nobody wanted them. They've always been one of my favs but never got them only the IVs which looked enormous in a 10.5. After those I had to stop because they're so bulky (like AF1) that they only look good in sizes smaller than 10s.
You guys bbq'in over there? Like that Larose cap.
Going to have to co-sign on this. I have a buddy who is a contractor and agreed to do some work for a chinese guy specifically pouring a new slab for his driveway. They agreed on a price, he did it in 3 hours and then the man tries to give him 800 instead of the agreed upon 1200. His argument was that he finished it fast therefore the cost wasn't justified. He then proceeds to go to home depot and price out materials while my buddy is waiting at the house with the...
Forgot to add, is any of the stuff we consume designed in china? That's the funny thing, they specify where it's designed assuming the consumer believes that not only was said product made in china but typically designed there as well. We know it wasn't fucking designed there idiots and it makes no difference but it's like a red herring regarding the whole country of origin issue.
Cardigans are good but I really dislike contrast plackets and hems.
I'm starting to smoke more as I've been stressed a bit lately and I find nothing more calming than a fine habano. I typically prefer my cigars on the drier side anyway but to be honest it was mainly due to my laziness to return it to the humidor; I knew it would get smoked eventually. Plus I have a rule, once it is removed from the humi it doesn't go back. It always frightens me how people treat the storage concept thing as an exact science while I scratch my head and...
Margiela had some great fucking knits, still mad I didn't cop that big shawl collar one to go with all my other shawls Reg, the slouch level is perfect.
If an item mentions where it is designed it is most likely produced in china.
Really want me some valstar.
Pulled out an 09 LBT sig vi and had left it in my car for two weeks. Went to smoke it today and I cut the wrapper with a knife (my fav method) without damaging it because it was so crispy then smoked it. I have to say it was quite tasty.
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