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Never liked how his outwear fit me in the shoulders/pits and across the top of the back.
I feel your pain, I gained 12 lbs and can barely fit into my pacs. I don't even love dessert but I do love me some starchy carbs.
Terrible man.Had an mel 08 sig iv last week that was very good and a few year old d5 that was even better. Was pretty great, hadn't had a cigar that good in awhile.
Him and steve are competing for unsharpest tool in the shed.
+ 110 = 11225
Not really, just a small branch of carpentry in general. Home depot is like the hm for tools.
I know guys who probably don't have social security cards and make at least 75k roofing and framing. The unions pay handsomely if you're journeyman or foreman status, some of these guys make $60 an hour.I also know trim carpenters who make 6 figures easy.
Love my ysl shearling.
No SP preorders?
the first loser
New Posts  All Forums: