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5 bucks says synth doesn't get his jacket
Things I'm fucking sick of (perhaps this should be the title of a new thread): -super long ass tees -scalloped hems on said tees -plaid button ups over same tees -ripped jeans -tight sweats -fake baller hightops -red fake baller hightops -yeezy boosts -as a matter of fact anything kanye or yeezy related This shit is a plague and adopted by every fashion lemming across the world.
Ya wassup to you too.Ok big guy.
I've read conflicting info online but how do leather bball lows fit compared to achilles? Was going to cop same size but then I read sizing was different like wtf.
sup dawg, nah legit?
These are so delicious why would you sell them?
any bball lows on sale
Tim Duncan has spent exactly 70 dollars on clothes in the past 10 years. I don't know why everyone trips on the wedding advice, nobody is going to notice or care what suit or accessories you are wearing.
They got cars and coffee in florida now? What will they think of next.
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