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there's a reason this guy's name is foodguy
shut the fuck up already
^yes sir, hit sk again last night chocolate bar is ridic had GTA again, love how fast the food comes out without all that restaurant bullshit had the guanciale pizza again, my fav pie porchette sandwich and brisket banh mi, the latter was just outstanding must go back just for that
i'm laughing how he made two posts in a row about me, love it
i don't even know why that niqqa posts on this forum he's always so angry for no apparent reason, must suck to suck
it sounds like you should probably return the coat and look for something that fits you better
i dont think its that popular, they probably didn't have all the sizes in stock when they listed it on the site
because you got two pea brained imbeciles commenting on it
idiotic statements are idiotic
Same here, this had core lusi flavors but with an additional tasting notes that were very enjoyable. Tasted like a slightly more complex, creamier lusi. I'd smoke another if I was gifted again but wouldn't pay the 80 or however much the cost is for them.I have what is supposed to be a great lusi in my humidor that my same friend gave me and I'm hesitant to smoke it but when I do will report back how it compares.I also got an RA eshmoun to try.
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