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The only statement that necklace makes is that you're a victim.
This sounds like capital one, no use calling ahead.
city of gentlemen
Maxamar? I pass that place all the timenhow weird.
look like kobes
you were saying?
Dysons are terrible.
I always get a kick out of hearing this, all you have to do is walk over to wherever they are but people make it sound like a big deal. At my gym half of the dbs are sprawled on the floor and you can never find two that match.
I'm technically a 44 or 45 in euro sizes and I wear a 43 in cp so yes cp does run a size large.
Damn this sucks to hear. I have several pairs of older cps some new in box and haven't purchased anything in the past few years. Makes me not want the new bballs but they did fix the oddball toe box stitching that plagued the model in its early years.
New Posts  All Forums: