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I usually use a knife to cut my cigars and one tip I can give you guys to help with draw issues is always cut as little of the cap as possible to test the draw first. You can then cut a bigger circumference if it's not to your liking but you can't go the opposite way if you cut too much initially. Had an average sig vi today from EL nov-10. I don't think I've ever been wowed by any sig vi ever.
Had a decent psd4 and then a tight 898 surprisingly that I pitched halfway, disappointed.
@zissouI'd take them for half off. how's the sizing like
Through your legs just like your other jeans.
Used to do this in the m3 all the time and people swore I was hitting the clutch so I'd have to bring my leg far enough away so they could see I was shifting without it, no grinding of syncros at all if you do it right.
+200 = 45035
Ice cream has become the new coffee, exactly what you describe with mediocre products, high pricing and hype not to mention more and more popping up capitalizing on the trend. I was appalled at the prices at salt and straw I think we paid like 11 dollars for two ice creams. This is the persian bro in me but I will say this (and I forgot to mention) I love saffron and rose in westwood, the classic flavor has the texture by which all others are to be judged. I pick up the...
Waiting on my espadrilles to come in and found the trunks I want just need to cop. Fucking vans I want have been out of stock for awhile.
someone alert me when porter sale goes live
Still waiting on floral shirt and cardigan shirt pics.
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