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^terrible mitch passed out some 95 hoyo dcs and punches, pretty decent then followed with a jl2 way too hot today in the valley
for the record the shirt is two sizes too small my friend wears small tees to look bigger, i wear big tees so you can hardly tell I workout
It was some regional release from a few years ago I think, I don't know I'm not a boli expert.
I will be in japan in july, 2015 sf meetup?
best = most delicious Just looked at their site, a shame they don't do non-sugared as I always get tired of any non-classic bacon. I prefer the touch of sweetness to come from the applewood, that one is similar to the black forest one I had that I temporarily enjoyed from whole foods. If it were to only be one bacon for the rest of my life it would be applewood smoked. i also really enjoy peppered bacon
I feel you skip that's why I get classic farmer john because if it's cooked right it's still pretty good. Of course the quality is terrible.quote name="indesertum" url="/t/347934/random-food-thoughts-street-edition/400_50#post_7300180"]Benton'shttp://shop.bentonscountryham.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=hscb[/quote]I've been meaning to try this, will do and report back. Bacon is like NY pizza, everyone has their opinion on what they think is best.There's a really...
still on the hunt for really good bacon and i've tried everything best i ever had was the applewood smoked from bristol farms but it was never the same each subsequent time I bought it so I thought they switched farms (butcher said they didn't) but i was still upset
+30 = 65,750 was fucking around at my friends gym showing them muscle ups and attempted 40lb weighted pull ups just by holding the dumbbell with the sides of my feet, wasn't as difficult as I thought but super awkward
smoked a bolivar UAE regional from my friend, such a shame about the marca as of late
not feelin that bell shaped skirt among other things
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