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just buy jil sander if you want jil sander
I would totally do gold but hate how it's only paired with white instead of black as an option. Speaking of which, hate space grey wish they'd go back to black. Every time I see a black 5 like my old one I smh at the new gray bullshit. 6+ way too big for me, current one is perfect actually.
110 = 77511
I don't understand how any suv can have good handling.
don't really like 5.0 sole too bulky for me 4.0 so much nicer
otc anti-perspirants actually make you sweat more and stain your shirts, luckily i got off that shit many years agoI love when I see "professionals" wearing shirts under their shirtsshirts on shirts on shirtsps. sorry umbel and greg
I was just looking at yelp re: dry cleaners for some lulz. As usual you can't please everyone and the best places will inevitably receive one star reviews because they're too expensive, won't deliver outside a few blocks, not notice damage when taking a garment in and then get blamed afterwards, etc. Also everyone is pretty happy until there is a problem and due to the nature of the operation a blaming match will ensue. Some people will rate on how nice the workers are,...
pit stains are so previous level lol @ undershirts
ordering mine tomorrow at midnight sup regis love the resale that garbage androids don't have, basically get paid to own an iphone
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