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don't know why my mind was drawing a blankdu was studying me for months and practicing in a playground i'm sure
for once in your life you did good toasty who makes the square, don't feel like searching
mr porter sales are garbage now first year was the best
60=111210 lol there's this kid at my gym who apparently wants to show off to me real bad that he can do muscle ups so he'll drop whatever he's doing and come in my area to get my nod of approval but i always happen to turn around and take a sip from my water bottle while glaring at the time or some shit like that, shit is hilarious...happens like clockwork when he sees me and he doesn't muscle up he does some trapeze artist swinging bullshit
^dude get it he has your size, the fucking color, design and materials are dope namer that's the same jacket?
can someone buy the sage jackets off fucking sp, fucking best knit jacket of the season (my size gone )
moar info
those are overpriced by $400
should i post in my old ass free run+? lol fuckin pissed burned a hole in my $75 sweats when my cigar ash fell on my crotch last week, luckily penis is ok
New Posts  All Forums: