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He's from cali now.
You seem like an odouls kind of guy.
ya some american spirits (5), next time it will be of the cuban variety though four seasons doesn't allow it anymore so we'll need to hit sunsetcome on son
gym clothes, i'll be sure to wear vandals and baller knit next time i'm jeaned up
was def good chillin with you mayne, you're taller and more svelte than in pictures
You get adjusted to the weather already hahaa.
Dogfish head ipa any good? I just bought some because I was at my local sprouts and couldn't find anything else that sounded decent.
Yes tubo of course, it was good though admittedly I was smoking it while working so I wasn't fully focusing on it. I wouldn't say it was wasted though because several times throughout did I pause and pay attention. In breaking my normal habit of putting boxes away (and being burned by so many boxes of psd4) I decided to smoke one of my ULA d4s and my impression was good as well. The cigar started off very d4 like which is something I haven't experienced in quite a...
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