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I'm going to critique this bc you make the same mistake over and over with the shoes. Those shoes only work with slimmish jeans preferably faded indigo or black and such. The only way you can pull those shoes off is with slim slacks of a light weight that can actually stack a little, all other trousers are out especially yojiesque type fits and any extremely tapered which seems to be all you own. In other words don't wear them again. Also, cardigan looks wack there,...
sorry i meant the mag bro
can you link me to the product you take kj?
not sure why you're surprised because all those brands are garbageif you spent your money on high end underwear you probably still would've spent less than all they money you wasted
was a bit conflicted with the vest at first, didn't realize how puffy it was it is a down jacket but j think it was just a padded or very thin puffy but it's not, I like how the back is longer than the front and gives it some balance, material is nice and after a lot of staring and analyzing in the mirror which is what I do I think I will keep it as it serves as a nice insulating piece without having a jacket on not to mention gives me somewhat of a branquinho vibe which I...
or just take magnesium which your body needs anyway?
Melatonin worked for me a couple of nights but lost efficacy quick, it's not going to be the same as what your body makes so you need to take the vitamins I mentioned to encourage natural production. No they have the opposite effect, energy throughout the day and restful sleep at night.
I don't know how Frank can fit a sports coat under there I can barely fit a thin knit but he's a tad smaller than me I suspect.
that pepper looks intimidating as fuckNah bc I hardly go out these days enough to style on fools, plus I always forget I have it
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