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calm down chiefy i don't care what you drive but a turbo s cab is laughable
would never get a cab shit is for hairdressers, but if u must just get a turbo
pay him some love
ya i just saw that in a quick search after i posted, glad that happened to porsche (not the owners) i hear you
spope, derk and eluther nice
great shit is opening in galleria too, i predict everyone will be wearing uniqlo luckily i won't really give a shit bc the only things worth a damn are the linens and oxford shirts but it'll be funny pointing out people wearing
sup with the 991? i'd never even consider it for lack of a proper trans seriously if I were you i'd sell that shit while the value is high as fuck, you'd be a fool not to unless you plan on keeping it for 10+ years
This, why is it they all take interest in exactly the same things? The foot insertion into the shoe clips are especially creepy. Why would you want patterned no show socks? Shit makes no sense. Their advise is fucking horrible too.The du on the right kept making me dizzy by constantly looking at the camera then his partner 5x per second like he's looking for some sort of validation and genuinely is uncomfortable on camera.
New Posts  All Forums: