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anyone try the segment jacket? sizing is extremely odd but i want it
rlb is nice but i found the waist too big for the thighs, if i sized down in the waist thighs would be painted on or i'd cop those green tile joints off nmwa in a heartbeat
ya it's good you don't use that much during the summer the mask i do when i remember or feel like it, maybe once a week or every other week
^they have way too many products depending on your needs/skin type, i use the camelia nut moisturizer which is matte since i don't like oily moisturizers, the fabulous face wash is, well, fabulous, also use the neroli after shave but i don't shave anymore, the deodorant is my favorite, the parsley seed serum is great for hydrating in the hot months and i also use the hand lotion which is superb nations, this is what i use, just mix with appropriate amount of water to...
aesop is superior to baxter i use an unrelated green french clay mask, you should try it
pm me deets and i'll check it out tho dior fit doesn't usually work for me
i'm on a cigar copping ban but maybe i'll spark up an 01 lancero or something
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