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it's too bad you can't delete your posts GF didn't you fix this issue with a new speed sensor last time?
lmaoI learned on my dad's old nissan hardbody pickup when I was 15 and the fucking clutch engagement was like an on/off switch coupled with super long throws on the shifter. Every car after that was easy peasy.I taught my ex how to drive manual many years ago and she was scared because she thought I'd get pissed at her stalling but she learned well with all the tricks/techniques I taught her. Years later we were going out and I told her to drive the M3 and she did...
Durant refusing to meet with the lakers lol. Would be great if we could get whiteside but might be a pipe dream.
I really hate yoox roulette and my patience is so much less these days. Actually am looking for a specific cut/idea of fit but I no longer peruse webshops for hours so I'm out of the loop on what retailers or brands to look at these days.And where can I view this for my pleasure?Who has these?Random thought, I couldn't care less for drake but it's refreshing seeing him were loose and baggy clothing as opposed to all the lemmings parroting (two animals?) kanye and company.
This is why you never give cocksuckers you don't know personally money.
Bros, recs? Off white ivory/cream colored linen pants White jeans
Last fits are great.
Remember when they said flyknits will go down in cost? lmao
The reason they are sucking is because their clothes are. The v necks I used to buy the shit out of are garbage and so are the fits now. Old flannels were pretty good as were the oxfords, not perfect but not wonky fits like now. Shit shrinks like crazy nowadays, very limited scope of items, same colors not all the proper hues, I could go on and on. If they hired jetdawg as a consultant they'd be on top. Before, I always wanted to go and check it out but now that we...
You come to socal?
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