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Crew, fits baggy so may not be what some are looking for. It could easily sell for over $100, the material is great.The olive knit turned out to be a very nice color.I got an extra warm and ultra warm thermal, the ultra is unbelievable thick for a tee.
You should start a build thread.
Omg that looks horrible.
This was the best post 09 margiela piece.
Good luck bro, I copped 3 colors a month ago best 30 bux I ever spent.
Older panameras are hideous. I don't know where porsche gets off increasing msrp 10% every generation.
A chilly 58 in LA at the moment.
Which ones? The supima crews I got in store are great.
Greg you guys getting inglese light blue popovers for spring?
Oxford cloth always shrinks so I never dry them. On another note what the fuck color is uniqlo olive? I copped the lemaire sweater and am hoping it's a nice shade of brown, need more of that and dark green in my life.
New Posts  All Forums: