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floral is on trend this season, well done keeping up with fashion /redc2
maybe skeen needs some reading lessons?
[[SPOILER]] Is this 15 different things or 15 pics of one thing?
Fuck it ordered 5 more pairs of elites bc I like how they look and feel. I fucking hate polyester, my fleece blanket is made of that and I couldn't figure out why it was either too hot or not warm enough. Finally switched to a proper thin wool blanket and it stays remarkably cool when hot and warm when cold. Poly just traps heat which is why I always sweat more and feel hotter at the gym than in my wife beats.
All of this sweat wicking bullshit technology is just polyester (gasp!) that stinks because it's not wool or cotton. Everything I've ever had that's dri fit by nike stinks after one wear. I recently started wearing wife beaters at the gym and they smell like nothing after one wear so that's pretty unusual. It actually dries quicker and stays cooler oddly enough.
I've observed you being very observant redc2, you will fit in well here. You seem to have a sharp eye for things and we're thankful to have you aboard.
way too much work bruh
You guys got any crew sock recs? I'm using elites but they fucking stink after one wear because of all the synthetic garbage in them. Looking for more natural fibers and decent wicking, don't know if merino will be too hot. When I wear normal socks no problem but anything polyester dry fit fucking stinks whereas cotton doesn't.
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