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synth, 70s all week son
488 just looks like a face lifted 458 but with the same eyes and ass
been wanting a pair of russells for about 6 years now haha maybe next fall
man i been sleeping like a fucking baby lately dreaming every night, easily 8-9 hrs ever since i upped my mag and this f lux aussiejake tell me more i like to have a water pitcher and glass on my nightstand also frette prob this week or next, also need a good beater blanket possibly faribault on kaufamnn mercantile
man cad is so cheap now ss is going to be practically free now love it
the weather is delicious right now reg, copper nobody has that shit and would fit mo betta with yo shit, gold is so prev level
saw swaggy with those on
man redwings are so ugly
80 = 11017
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