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There's enough shit for me to hate on here, would branespload if I left socal.
I see what you did there.So wait, there is a secret to flying? Have I been doing it wrong this whole time?
Fried chicken sammich at plan check is pretty good, the ham on it is fucking excellent.
You mean down jacket in general or light down jacket? The only real money I'd spend on down is crescent down works (and I have). There is a thread here on them.Or you can pay $800 for some moncler bullshit.
the hell is qasimi
Damn that sucks bows hope you get your shit back. This is my worst nightmare so I never take good clothes period.I wonder if they end up in some lost luggage heaven somewhere.
@Severisth which butteros are those? need some suede zips benes which coat? I don't recall seeing that ute
Looks like a good time. Had an 06 imperiales today, think fresher ones are better. D5 yesterday was very good.
I like how boston gave kobe a piece of the parquet since he's practically owned td garden for so many years.
In 2016 we will crack this. I will put up big numbers again.
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