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You answered your own question, that's great. Next time do us all a favor and circumvent the posting process.
This thread should be closed to noobs.
buttero used to make some nice looking boots what happened
I didn't know you did this, but you just reminded me I do need a pair of socks shipped to california.
Why would shoes from the same maker on the same sole vary in size from one upper to the next?
waiting to see du's reaction when he sees price
Sweats have become increasingly more nut and ass hugging with each iteration whereas I've been wearing my baggy nike sweats in comfort. My balls thank me.
Co-sign.on this, I don't own a single one.
Depends how old yours is. My stark is all wool and from probably 09ish. It's slim but long as fuck which I prefer, if I were to guess it's probably close to 29". I would be a large in starks as of late but they wouldn't be as long nor could I tell you what size you would need to achieve the old style length.
This is my goal. I have shit I haven't even worn yet but I know I will eventually and I take comfort knowing I own them and they aren't going anywhere. Some pieces I bought just to look at as well but the landscape has gotten so ridiculous that I could wear a bless or rug poncho, jjve long cardigan, margiela knit robe, etc in LA these days without standing out if i wanted. It has turned out to be an investment for me because I can probably never buy clothes again other...
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