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Best thing to do is to drive down to the 4 seasons in beverly hills, order the short rib quesadilla then the chocolate cake and smoke a fine habano while gawking at all the russian escorts.
To keep it in budget would have to be robusto or smaller, a lot of what's smoking well right off the truck right now are bigger sticks for some odd reason. for pcs I hear boil pcs are good now (usually are consistent), as are scdlh el principes but i've no experience with these for robustos i was impressed with slr regios and erdm choix supreme fresh my favorite pc is the upmann pc qdo coronas are always excellent but i think you already have some monte 4 are good but...
Lakers baby.
efm on sale might pick up a few today
echo this, nice jet palette cyc
anyone know who else got the coppens color block sweater this season?
anyone pick up the sage in the sp color? genes what size sage did you get?
who else stocks the coppens color block sweater that was on porter?
New Posts  All Forums: