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those tees are too small i can't stand even perfect fitting tees i need that loose shit, tees, cardis and such
best frees out, no 10.5 on ndc and lol @ those cole haans, they could actually put out a decent product if they had me as their design director
lose the stans don't be a raf
don't worry guys i'm going to make a better line called multiqlo
dries here's another one, so mad i didn't cop any of them old margiela used to regularly do silk knits
really wish i could still find knits like this
not feelin those to be honest, look kinda clunky
I don't think this place is anti-noob, just don't be annoying or defensive or act noobish and you'll be fine. I'd be happy to provide constructive criticism as long as they're willing to learn and don't just post pics like jamiester without utilizing the resources of the entire subforum. Just read the forum for awhile before posting pics kind of like studying for a test. You don't go into the test without knowing the material.
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