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They're finally showing on the qlo site, I had checked a couple weeks ago and nothing. Also popped into a store and they have 98 versions of 6 things for guys.That looks real good though I have a couple similar nike shirts like that and wanted something more loungey like real sweatshirts for post gym burger/fried chicken runs to fairfax.I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the button up stark facsimile by uniqlo u just for fucks and giggles.I like this don't know what...
lol i'm not buying je but i appreciate the recs bro fuuma, was looking at uniqlo right after I posted and will probably go that route it's just for athletic use not going out in it
Need a loose gray or charcoal sweatshirt, nice long fit not cropped and no repro details any suggestions? I ask this every year btw. Not trying to spend designer money like 300 on this k thx.
What? Unionmade exclusive? Lame as fuck, well I don't need another knit anyway.
What shops picked up the crazy colored cardigan and that green zip mock neck?
sup gaiz
I'm sure this has been noted but majorly lol'd when I saw the common projects rips in store yesterday on the mannequins.
Those are ugly.
Stylin with that louis bag.
Damn haven't been on in a few days and somebody snatched the boots I wanted.
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