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fuck Parker killin'emmmmm
I've got a buddy who was never into fashion and then the whole kanye thing happened about three years ago. The du turned into a mini kanye mimicking most of his moves which was really weird but thing is he was into the wrong, hype driven things. Next thing I know he's buying red sneakers and a fear of god tee. He must be reading some fuckwit's blog or some shit if I had to bet money.
sucks no multicolor
your best fit yet
very nice, iv?
i liked that one, let us know how it is when you get it
one of my friends who owns several cigar shops in london comes to LA for five weeks every year just left and every time he does he complains about the weather there, didn't realize it's just that bad poor kirk
nice, what size is the shirt stichy
why so sad kirk?
quite like this
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