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I went through a bottle and stopped halfway through the second. I don't know man, trace minerals are termed such because you don't need a lot and I eat a lot so I figure I'm already getting trace amounts. I also only drink distilled water, I've come to really dislike the minerality in water and prefer the cleanest possible. When I switched I found I was going to the bathroom less so my body was retaining more water. Also my body went through sort of a detox. Been...
amazing to me how people worship these sneakers
I used to use magnesium chloride, don't think epsom has much mg comparatively. Stopped using concentrace myself last year.
this thread has turned into the butter sizing threak
^these are great if you want to add about 20 years to your age
if you could take verbal gibberish and turn it visually into an outfit this would be it
that sucks but good to know
hopefully they will sell out before going on sale like they usually do
big ups to accordion for the margaret howl melange knit tip hoping for it to be my new beater sweater
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