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bruh stop quoting every single pic that's what the thumbs up icon is for
Du should've caught an LA style beatdown.
Still fucking talking about sizing? Jeezus what would you guys do without the internet.
Love how stanley's post got more thumbs than og post.
The worst plates are the ones that have that repeat the model of the car, the most fucking retarded thing ever kind of like the barbed wire tattoo of vanity plates. Hroi reminded me, I have a european windshield on my car that reflects UV. I completely forgot about that, car doesn't get as hot though it's black on black.
Nah I want summer fabrics in summer colors in summer styles, none of this dark shit mang.
jeezus man there is absolutely no good spring clothing, it's all either unrealistic summer wear or stuffy mc type casual shit
Because they're cheap, a buddy of mine just got one not a bad looking car.
The kobe gifs in that thread are the best part.
I always wear tees, love lace-up boots, have a vb cotton sweater and wool outerwear plus I despise polos. Can we still be friends?
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