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i guess the joke's on us
of course they had to make a device that requires constant corollary purchases, way to gostick to the jiffy
my least favorite frees
how is he not embarrassed appearing in public like that is what continually blows my mind ps. love it
major lulz, thanks for thatps. lmao
if he's not top 5 then lebon isn't top 10
105=59,698 in addition to doing the assisted i recommend doing regular pullups for several sets until failure for each set, even as little as you can do will help immensely also don't do them all the time like me you need recovery time and every 3rd day is a good amount of time to wait so 2x a week
no he's not, perhaps he should move to a flyover state he pops in here form time to time spewing hate without professing any sort of support for any team, maybe kobe raped him in his dreams?
god hombre secreto is such an insufferable prick hometown haters are the fucking worst
New Posts  All Forums: