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Haven't handled jil since raf left holmes.
Ugh polos
Serious? I haven't been following this thread wtf happened.What's tunic about the inis mean? TSS got some heat as usual.
Yo what the fuck man who grabbed my banana shirt?
Might be in nyc late april or early may don't know yet.
Somebody's triggered af.
Short sleeve for dat malibu summer time steez.
I didn't try them on I just bought my size, what happened with yours last time?
Wish I copped that crazy belstaff shearling. At least I have a ysl to comfort my cold soul.
Copped the band collar shirt to scratch my linen itch tonight. Will cop a regular linen in a miami vice color and some white jeans when they go on sale since they definitely aren't worth 50 bucks.
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