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jil sander cashmere sweater on porter is decent but not 2k decent, ever since raf left measurements have been all fucked up for some reason
do i need to move to paris to meet women of substance such as these examples?
god this was such a great play i watched it live while smoking cigars, so nice to see them win though I'm generally not an nfl fani don't mind the As, far better than the giants whose idiot fans were talking shit on the dodgers instagram and well we all know how that went i like that jacket kong
the black af1 looks better than real af1s
i thought he nn repped boston?
next time try the pastries, they source them from la boulange or some shit in the bay, magnificent flavors out of the oven i'm not a huge berry fan but it just explodes with flavor and the croissant portion of it is perfect in texture, i was shocked when i found out they were frozen and they thaw them overnight by the way sorry to disappoint you gentlemen but I was unable to obtain eclairs yesterday, there's a french bakery in beverly hills that is supposed to be quite...
what kind of fucking retard doesn't like donuts? i've been very impressed with starbucks pastries as of late, their chocolate croissant is great but the star is the triple berry croissant which is actually not a croissant at all but sort of tartish in shape (like a circular open croissant), that shit is fucking amazing
why buy margielas when you can buy gats
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