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What I should have said was a proper shirt, the oxfords I have are just uniqlos from a few years ago and a couple of beams ones. Hardly proper but hey what can you do?
Here we go again.
Here's the rundown, I got size large in all of them. fleece full zip in charcoal - got this as an alternative to my gym hoodie, very soft, fits large but that's what I wanted, seems comfy will probably keep, what more can i say about a $20 piece, size down for fitted look U button up cardigan - a little flimsier than I expected (not that I had high expectations for a budget knit but this is the problem with most of them), collar a little floppier than I hoped (this is...
cog! still doin it!
I use a pacific coast down pillow or some shit I actually prefer a flatter pillow so it doesn't hurt my neck but I know metranger had a better quality company he recc'd earlier in the thread. No idea on buckwheat but I imagine it would be rather noisy. Here's my latest supp rec https://www.amazon.com/Doctors-Best-Calcium-Capsules-180-Count/dp/B004KQF9LA/ref=sr_ph_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1477450063&sr=sr-1&keywords=bone+maker Incidentally all the ingredients are conducive to...
Got my package a day early, looks like they've stepped up their shipping game, only a few days from ordering to receipt. Haven't opened it up yet but will report my critiques tomorrow of my stuffs.
Any elastic waste loose trousers with a nice taper I should be looking at? Sort of cdgish I suppose.
Just woke up to discover it rained last night and the air is fresh. Fixing myself some scrambled eggs and pancakes, then I will prepare a pot of french press and have a nice smoke on the patio.
When do you wear these? Do you wear them around?
arrives wed
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