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I havI have the raf derbies, wish I got dat ripple sole too
keep getting these damn commercials playing in the sidebar
uniqlo tees lol
man i miss those jils fuck
i am insulted
coat looks huge there for some reason
so what you're saying is i should become a paid restaurant critic for the times? when do i start?i must warn you, i'll need to have a cigar after every meal
don't laugh but sugarfish is actually pretty decent in brentwood, you can get a surprising amount of food for 45 bucks...i'd definitely go back if I don't want to break the back limited menu though but as someone who gets bored quick, i didn't there
haven't been in there in about 5 years, i should stop by for an espresso and a ciggy
nice man the only +j knits they had were the efm cardigans and t necks, no cashmere pullovers or anything unfortunately the beige efm is a really nice color might cop on sale
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