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looks like noman preorder is going up they got one jacket so far does anyone have the easel and how does it fit/what's your usual size
this sounds dope except for the salmon shorts
That shit was so funny last night.
almost choked on my tea at this dammit parker
Sorry bro I meant for health reasons. Carbon, cast and stainless are the healthiest options as far as metals.
[[SPOILER]] Thumbed for cardigan which was first vb I purchased in 06. Excellent fit.
Bruh extra warm heattech under 19 dollar fleece makes me sweat in 50 degree weather so should work as well as uld.
I was going to post this. Also is it cool to cook in aluminum now over stainless?
what happened to vox?
Those idiots don't have a phone there and no carry out. I should copy their recipe and open nearby, 7 days a week until 8pm.
New Posts  All Forums: