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you can't keep kobe outcho mouth bsport lol
Haven't had any bad 14s myself, possibly depends on what you're smoking. I think 13 was just one of those great years.
medium for fitted, large for slouchy but might end up not working for your body type
height and weight is useless, what is your measured chest size
rfx when they comin out?
Was just picking out some sticks for later and discovered a box of UPE may 13 psd4s on my RA shelf I forgot I had so I pulled one of those out too. Love when that happens.
ah Halloween that time of the year when girls have an excuse to dress like sluts in sexy ______ costumes
such a good era
I've been smoking some great cigars lately, been calling this a new golden era for CCs lots has turned around. I remember when a lot of sticks were misses but almost everything has been great and such varied flavors. Probably herfing tonight with the guys, sort of feel like cohiba night.
thanks bro i might cop those, that was the htm release before right? i'm trying to get away from the marshmallow sole but i suppose i could cop those and the metcons
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