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phone guy came by to install a new line and holy shit dude looked just like kunk i was stunned, i showed him a pic of you will and he started lauhging, i go that's your long lost twin right there
deserves to be requoted
I remember the first time I tried on a truely italian unstructured jacket a couple years back it really was a revelation. I couldn't fathom how well it fit (was at shop the finest with Ian). When i was putting it on I was thinking no way is this going to fit my big drop, it's going to be restrictive etc but damn when i put it on it was miraculous. Made every raf and margiela jacket I ever tried on fit like garbage freal.
i have two shaq songs on my gym ipod also a fu schnickens song or two
bro thats still 30 bux for a pair fuck it just bought two pairs of the elite crews from foot locker so we'll see how good they are before buying more
ya shaq burnt out rather quickly but that's sort of expected for a big man kobe has been stellar for what seems like an eternity and on a continuous incline from the beginning
which ones? i'd like some white and black onestoo bad the quality is garbage, they get fuzzballs on them after one wash, shrink, harden up and get holes after a few monthsi think my uniqlos last about 4x longer
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