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since we're ranting i've bought supima tees a lot over the years and got a fresh pack, fit was almost spot on in length and width, though sleeves were too fucking short after a cold wash and low temp careful dry i put it on (xl) and it fit like a small large, length shrank 2 fucking inches LOL!! now i have to buy xxl for them to fit like a big large
100=19532 man muscle ups were so easy today for some reason
benes = hirsh?
if they ask, they should deliver
excellent when ysl wasn't retrofashion garbage
you guys are doing it again
the look i don't understand why parks mens buys are so shitty while the women's is the opposite, been like this for years
not bad but pretty sure it won't end up looking like that
what the fuck is this reddit and how do I make sure I continue to avoid it? it's all about persian food
you pussy
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