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eidos one is too short for a belt
I think you had asked me the same question awhile back. But yeah dries shawls were fucking fantastic I have a few of them but his knit quality went down and prices went up for belgian produced shit (not to mention the designs are crap now). Margiela used to release one every fall and I slept on the the bobble knit one that came out the year before the brick one then in later years after the og design team left they started doing a lot of ribbed knits which I hate. Shawl...
Nothing good out right now and options have decreased a lot over the years. Damn hard to find a good shawl but if I was desperate I'd probably look at rrl.
Fun fact: Miran was once a normal poster who got his start in the quoddy thread. I ripped on him a few times and maybe that's how he got to be the character he is today.
man that one sucked, mine pilled like crazy just looking at it
I kept thinking about the barneys butteros all the time like 7 years ago but the massive heal always bothered me and prevented instakopping. Japan has lots of great versions as well, kept thinking about a green suede version.
Want the larose cap but dayam the price.
Anyone have the easel? Would like to know the fit.
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