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you mean they aren't as plush in real life or the ones you got are different than ones on the site?
If I go to tokyo this summer I don't plan on doing any shopping since I won't fit into anything anyway. I hate japanese labels.
I like that sweater but it is mostly mohair.
are the socks worth it? no mention of sizing but I imagine i'd be a large
nice man i want the shawl and socks
for wool, just common sense and experience
it's always slow, i'm on 50mbs it's greg's site he's addressed it before i can't imagine how much more sales they'd have if the site was fast
why don't you tell us your specs and we'll rec the size for you, do you want fitted or more comfortable? namor forgot the name of it
Which ones, where and how much?
picked up some new detergent and wool shampoo
New Posts  All Forums: