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twc upgraded my modem for some reason, getting 50 on the download with my basic package and 40 on iPhone
i usually wear a vi but the v would fit so i'm not sure if we're talking about the same ones, they're just long
fuck I can't wait
I will not be entertained by any "reporting" from a trunk show that's for sure.
^i'd give ten thumbs to this post if I could, you're arguing with a crotchety old man i should remind you i used to have a BB baseball card from his pirate? days I think and he was so comically bloated after his drug use it was sad, also love the age old adage how steroids don't help you hit the ball by juice apologists:foo:
I play him, raiden, sub zero and scorpion but I destroy everyone with scorpion.
click the @ icon dork
i haven't gotten it past 4 seasons myself. Glad I copped the good stuff years ago.
I'll give you the first round and let you choose who you want me to whoop dat ass with.
knicks baby knicks
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