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what was his name?
I will be celebrating the dodgers win over sf later myself, so many giants fans talkin shit after the first game.
can't even think about sweaters i've been going out in a wife beat lately it's been so hot
those are kinda gross yo
Haha. Nice, I've only had esp 2s and they're pretty good.
that navajo or glen plaid would be sick
I'm surprised people would think you are overcharging, everything I've seen indicates your prices are some of the lowest and would have no hesitation purchasing. In fact with the sf discount they are the lowest.
that's ok, sometimes you gotta take time off to heal, after a few days of heavy lifting it's not abnormal for me to take off 3 days in a row, i can tell when my body is beat up lots of calories and sleep are crucial if your body demands it heal up quick
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