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Never had a qdo? One of the most consistent and flavorful cigars there is, you're doing yourself a major disservice as a cigar aficionado shame on you. Both imperiales and coronas are must haves in my collection but they need time. Sometimes they're good right away but most times they start blooming in 2 years which is when they really shine. For shorter smokes you should definitely cop some h upmann pcs. I don't even buy bolivars or montes. Don't waste your time...
Both Reynaldos had too loose of a draw which interferes with a lot of things while I'm smoking. The yolanda construction was too soft and under filled, again surprising. The alex and mons were perfect in draw and firmness and had the best flavor. I would buy standard cigars over the former ones, I'm just not allured by custom rolls as most are on cigar boards. I've had several which were favorites of others and did nothing for me. The most unique, interesting and...
The story is that mons never rolled them but who really knows. Here is the load my friend brought back alex corona (young roller at i forget where) la china double robusto or some such yolonsdale (lulz) monsdale reynaldo marevas reynaldo pyramid My two favs were the corona and the mons. They don't get to use the best tobacco which is saved for production.
100 = 91970
Knew I wouldn't get an answer lol. My buddy just got back from cuba and is passing out customs tonight, will report back.
Ya but who has those.
So tired of undelivering cohibas and d4s lately. Need to crack a rass cab.
On what? Info is in my post gnat.
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