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Fuck man kobe got me all sad.
Such a sad, sad day. Can't believe it. Entire laker nation is in mourning.
I would pimp a navajo style blanket lined one of those.
I don't know why these pattern cutters or whoever the fuck can't make proper fitting clothes.
this was their everyday price
CPs were around 232 or 246 when I started buying them.
I don't think the consumers of slp and lanvin are people in those brackets. If someone can afford a $350k rolls then they can afford a $500k rolls and I don't know if I believe in an actual ceiling would ever exist in any case. True religions in 2005 cost 2-300, far more than apcs btw.Johan hit the nail on the head, they are attempts at figuring it out. The market for luxury sneaks and designer menswear is on an incline for the reasons I mention and possibly the pricing...
I don't know man, nothing else in the luxury sector has doubled or tripled in price like clothing. How come formosa suits are so reasonable? Why does a phantom cost not much more than it did 10 years ago? This is in response to your belief about inflation but I think you're right in your referencing what the market will bear. There is no other explanation, the sales argument is probably just a small component. People aren't making more but they're spending more on...
ya it's called no shaving cream, don't remember the last time I shaved
Man it's crazy how expensive shit has gotten. I was looking at new arrivals on porter and a 50% acrylic jcrew (lulz) sweater is $160, a poly blend polo sweatshirt is $100, neighborhood henley $170. Not to mention shit like slp backpacks for $900, tom ford wool (not cashmere) sweaters over $2k now etc. Yes I know about inflation fok and cost of raw materials and such bullshit excuses but the increases far outpace things like that. There's hardly much value in most nice...
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