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Thank you sir, I still haven't looked at the main threads in quite some time and now am more discouraged to do so since I'm so far behind
Oh man you're missing out. I've gone through a few boxes and imho it's the best pl. Everyone raves about plpc but I've only had one that was fabulous and it was aged many many years. PLMC has a far higher hit rate and the vitola is great. Occasionally you will get a dud but they age so fast and you can smoke them fairly fresh, lovely smoke. They're pretty rough looking so you won't find many pretty ones but man you're making me want one right now. One of my favorite...
500 = 74310
LA Cresecenta/Tujunga both are about as oregony as you'll get (read my mind LD), my cousins have lived there since forever. I personally hate the fucking area it's a time warp whenever I'm there it's just an old area with poor property development. Good thing is if you move in that area or sun valley on the other side you will be very close to work. Personally I'd go west of burbank as opposed to east so that you can be closer to the action like somebody mentioned when...
^great cigars, need to crack my pl box soon smoked a fantastic 09 sig iv at work saturday
Sounds like an insufferably good time.
Sup fellas, not really back in posting form I just take a look at this thread every so often but nice to see you guys in proper smoking form.
rascc is one of my favs with some age smoked an ra grande last night with the fellas at sls again until 4 seasons permits cigars again in two months
Smoked an 09 sig iv yesterday and then met the guys up at SLS real late. Was given a french regional qdo which was enjoyable.
Man you should have hit me up brother.48563 + 1000 = 49563
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