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jesus christ
Don't blow my fucking cover gnatty.
You will find the cuban draw is a bit more firm than the wide open NC draws you encounter and I am a fan. I enjoy a little resistance at the ideal rate at which my mouth fills with smoke is in line with my breath, not faster or slower. Of course it is not always this way but that's the reason you find NCs never have construction issues, because they are almost always rolled too loosely. The appearance of oils is also highly debated and a somewhat dubious characteristic...
As far as wrapper complexions are concerned they do vary and have quite a bit of range from toothy to silky smooth but the seams are generally good and triple caps flawless. If you are comparing to NCs some are definitely more rustic in overall appearance though it's been a while since I've handled an NC so this is based on years old data of mine. It almost seems like the wrappers are a bit thicker hence the seams not being as seemingly invisible. Sometimes I have been...
It's unfortunate you were given a monte open, about the least flavorful of all CCs and the quiet laughing stock of the montecristo lineup amongst connoisseurs.
So good.
Wow man a couple of things on sp are really dope and others are just dope.
Can't remember the last time I had a monte 4. Had sort of a huge herf today and I was bombarded with several great sticks, 98 monarca, 05 sig iii, 01 super seleccion 2, etc. Guess I should only show up to every 5 herfs more often LOL!! First up a 96 partagas charlotte which was decent but then a spectacular 04 rass that I nubbed. Capped off with a tawny port and an 06 plpc. I tried to take a pic and my phone decided to die. Great herf.
sucks to hear about the atmosphere I'm looking forward to checking it out nothing worse than waiting forever for a fucking "mixologist" to craft your drink
Never liked how his outwear fit me in the shoulders/pits and across the top of the back.
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