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nice tonio i want the ecru algodon debating b/w l and xl, i like the length of the xl and width doesn't seem that much different
+100 = 29,600
great shots of the niche
great read i share many of the same sentiments towards the iron, thanks for that
Guys, all the words are warmly appreciated. I was very close to him and indeed I couldn't imagine losing him or what life would be like without his presence but now I am being forced to find out. The difficulty I'm having with this concept is immeasurable. My brain cannot process the fact that he is no longer here. We used to smoke all the time together, me with my cigars and him with his pipe. He'd tell me stories about growing up in the old country. Before, I'd be...
synth thank you, canstyle you too unexpectedly losing your hero and role model in life is one of the worst things imaginable, i am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family next time you guys have a drink raise a glass in my dad's honor, i'm also going to burn one for him
a terrible tragedy rendered me unable to post for awhile
damn i guess ill have to gamble on the xl shirt, says slim fit also also liking the short sleeve sweater shirt
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