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Sounds like an insufferably good time.
Sup fellas, not really back in posting form I just take a look at this thread every so often but nice to see you guys in proper smoking form.
rascc is one of my favs with some age smoked an ra grande last night with the fellas at sls again until 4 seasons permits cigars again in two months
Smoked an 09 sig iv yesterday and then met the guys up at SLS real late. Was given a french regional qdo which was enjoyable.
Man you should have hit me up brother.48563 + 1000 = 49563
This is an oft-regurgitated statement by people in the NC industry.Enjoyed a good sir winston yesterday and a sig iv + 98 rgpc thursday.
I'll have to check, it's el laguito from may I think.
having a Coro right now which is pretty enjoyable 14 production iirc
Thought we were talking about huntington.
I don't know how you motherfuckers can check ebay every fucking day.
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