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I have the grey alva and it is magnificent. I remember PIV wanted one pretty bad now's your chance.That valstar looks fucking great.
excellent, deets pls
got a new flannel just now, fabric is looser and softer but doesn't drape as well size medium is skin tight on my swole ass arms and forearms could barely get the shit on, chest is normal and length is kind of short who the fuck are these cut for didn't like the pattern in person either, will try a large in one other design i liked in store since sold out online
got that upmann mc2 coming to me hopefully they are good
bro you're dressed to kill you should already know
had a fresh 14 coro last night and mur d4, was a good night oh and my friend tried to talk to these two hot girls, the one didn't give him her number and drove off in a lambo after the valet brought her car up
best thing posted in awhile
fuck didn't post the ones I did and trying to remember how many i did since tuesday let's say 200 to be on the safe side though likely more 200=91,310
just get a shaggy dog man
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