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i have two shaq songs on my gym ipod also a fu schnickens song or two
bro thats still 30 bux for a pair fuck it just bought two pairs of the elite crews from foot locker so we'll see how good they are before buying more
ya shaq burnt out rather quickly but that's sort of expected for a big man kobe has been stellar for what seems like an eternity and on a continuous incline from the beginning
which ones? i'd like some white and black onestoo bad the quality is garbage, they get fuzzballs on them after one wash, shrink, harden up and get holes after a few monthsi think my uniqlos last about 4x longer
well ya it's not as ridiculous as 200$ socks
ok, why do they exist nm question answered
why is nike selling 30 dollar socks now?
i guess the joke's on us
of course they had to make a device that requires constant corollary purchases, way to gostick to the jiffy
New Posts  All Forums: