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Posts by steezin, what should i do? So I have my place at university for 2012. I will be starting a year this Saturday (17th). I am looking for ideas, thoughts suggestions on what to do. I intend to travel for atleast 4 months. I am currently thinking of going to Thailand and/or Australia. I've heard its relatively easy to get work in Australia (apparently) so hopefully that will be something i can do to meet people and earn some money. Thailand would mean that i probably...
Wow tween spirit looks horrendous. I like the fit of the blazer, but i hate the lining and gold buttons. Burn those trousers.
Dumb shit right here folksPeople use there very narrow experience of "nations" to reach thier conclusions about the country as a whole.
Petite Standards, 8 months, 1 wash, 1 soak, 1 sea wash.
Just washed my APC's... Hickey/APC/Vans
^ obviously. I'm in love with vashins toj varsity, colours work so well.
Like the jacket scott, not enjoying the hip flare on those jeans though. Jwied those trousers fit pretty bad, maybe wearing something looser on top would make them look better.
pic or it nvr happened
Scott.M, Platypus and Aeglus all killing it.
Thanks to meis. Feel kinda guilty for not just buying a pair of vans but fuck it hopefully these will last longer aswell as look better. Quote: Originally Posted by jet this shirt is dope +1 What make/where to cop?
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