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excellent shape, and it fits real slim and trim. any questions please contact!
Disco style shirt from 70's its in excellent shape, the material is hard to photo because its shine. This brand is in right now. its a medium, fits pretty trim, and the quality is nice, the fabric is delicate.
Found this neat vintage suede work jacket, a 1993 genisis band shirt, a Vintage dior 50/50 blend polo, and a Polo quilted jacket size small. posting stuff for sale or trade. Im interested in buying or trading people for vintage RL especially from the "Dry Goods POLO Country" line.
Excellent condition! no holes! any questions please contact me!
NEVER WASHED, needs a lint rolling, found it with hair on it, other than that its perfect! no holes or smell i can detect. Its a MEDIUM vintage but fits like a modern SMALL any questions contact!
Authentic tie, in great condition, no major flaws. any questions contact me.
Found a women's L.L Bean Norwegian sweater, Burberry tie with Knights on it, a Dehen vintage cardigan, A polo RL sweater from 1992, a Deans of scotland sweater. A burberry shirt, too big for me sadly. DKNY for ducati sweater Selling a lot of this, or trading. Looking for polo RL.
still have?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rdA21ZCzlM I wonder if this guy will approve. SHELL CORDOVAN LOVVVVEEEEE
thats real, the guy above was playing around.
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