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Thats fake. Custom. Real polo hat, fake P.Non Paying bidder. happens.don't get dollar sign eyes you fink's
sick post @ChetB
there is a winged foot on the PWING. but the winged foot is not a PWING. Hope that makes sense.
hahahaha, stop it. I felt the cash inside but it could have ended up being receipts or something, Im not giving some random lady running a estate sale cash to pocket herself for doing her job poorly or for some misguided moral square hang up i don't have, Im a very practical person, and if your dumb enough to sell me money it is what it is, you can put the cape on and be the hero all you want, ill keep the cash lol.If I didn't buy it, it was going into the trash anyway....
So, nobody at the estate sale wanted anything to do with this Gucci check book wallet because it was showing wear to the monogram and was amongst a bunch of trash. I touched it and I was aware of what was inside. I paid one dollar and the person didn't even look at my face let alone the check book. Its not my job to check wallets of cash for them lol I do not feel dishonest. couple hundo fella's, Im going out to to eat me a fine meal. After I bought the checkbook...
Old fakes look better, the off color size on the tag is a no no, stitching through the mallet is bad on a neck tag. Small pony stuff not really desirable unless on a special article of clothing
@dappercanadianOOT gold collector cart here and Majora's mask gray cart too, I beat OOT but only half way through majora back in the day, So OOT available as well as the rest. PM me and Ill figure out what to charge.
Indeed. Super smash brothers is present too. Mario kart, diddy kong. Everything lol
Pendleton wool jacket, pre woolmark. Some vintage Bandana's.Notice the "trunk" is up on the elephant. Trunk down is rare. Bandai mega rangers pocket square. BBQ Hat and towel. For the true grillers and pit masters I made out like a BANDIT on these N64 games with the system, with the expansion PAK and two controllers, rumble pak etc. Playing games now..... I got more to pic up lol
Oh man. This calls for impromptu nike lesson guys http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_nkw=Nike+orange+tag&_sop=16 That should tell you a lot about the "Orange tag" nike swoosh......... That era Is plainer than the 90's but is worth MORE! The Loud stuff isn't worth as much but has high DESIRABILITY, Its sells pretty fast and consistent. YOU NEED MORE TRAIN.
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