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@nataku some polo and and vintage bruce lee story shirt. Picked up that denim jacket cause it has good patches on it.
Someone elses granny, Not mine. but its a cool picture.
YO JOE!!!!!!!!!!! Giant box Of nintendo ephemera. couple neat shirts Someone beat me to these records and it bothered me, I ended up finding him selling them and he have them to me for a couple dollars more than what he paid lol Vintage TNF pouch Vintage Levis Belt I like this photo. True vintage nike roadrunner Fjallraven. Its for sale. Givenchy socks lol and Vintage BR These were my Beater jeans I would wear often when out thrifting or doing something...
Show us the bloody wash tag! lol
that is the one of the coolest things I have seen on here, But I don't think its the type of item that should be casually worn in a thrift fit....... The SS were some VERY BAD boys, you can never detach that jacket from that. If I were a holocaust survivor and I spotted you in a Nazi Officers jacket, who knows what kind of emotions that would bring out, I might try and kill you. If I had that piece Id want to wear it too, but only a real fascist should wear that coat...
"Hugo Boss for the Kriegsmarine complete with "military issue" brass buttons" Is that a OG Nazi Schutzstaffel jacket?
Roll with it or post some pics. I got one of those lacoste blazers somewheres...... the buttons are the value.
We, good Jompso, Funny thing is, there was a time, years ago, I was coming across Goyard pretty regularly here, but at the time It didn't have the same demand as LV then and usually was priced high enough for me to leave it alone. Now I wish I bought them. The values on this stuff exploded when kids started to like it again. Materialism caught on real heavy with the rap music. When I first was into this stuff only folks I knew who had designer clothes were from NYC or LA.
My dude Jompso your whole point is crap after bringing up dapper dan stuff, that stuff is INSANELY collectible and desirable!!!! I would PAY UP for a LV jacket like the fat boys had that was legit made by him......
New Posts  All Forums: