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Good luck, every tourist comes to your town and thrifts plus the locals are very stingy about donations. I found some great stuff there but its not easy.
You modafocka.
I swear someone dumped a garbage sack of old shirts in my alley. I will post more after i clean them.
Man that is really dope. Id wear that lol.Wolverine snapback, Gucci Tote, Old Clothes, Mexican vest, John Denver tour hat, Military canvas for my Artisan homie to recreate bags out of. Old OG hippie posters.Real 1975 pan american games Team USA soccer jersey.
was it the sharon stone bag?And Spoo wants a VW bus.... Man, im after one too. I lived in one before lol
Fuck, the descriptions of LA estate sales are killing me. I aint trying to drive 2 damn hours to pay someone for shit even if i am coming up though lol. I could have got a hard sided LV luggage piece for 300$ but my ass wouldn't drive to get it. Long ass drives kill the thrift aspect to me hahaha, maybe If i was luxuriously driving to get it though. I need to step my whip game up. Status symbol obsessed LA is fucking overflowing with the goods.
I just did mang. Send it over lolOh yeah, BTW NIGO bit that quilted jacket design off of a PELLE PELLE quilted butter soft leather. It had two "P's" instead of Sta's. He samples all kinds of shit and puts his logo's and color's on it, sort of like Ralph does. Nigo was heavily influenced by hip hop, and was using many american rappers to model the clothes in his catalogs. Im pretty positive he was noticing what they where wearing in other brands and flipping his own...
That BAPE STA JACKET......FUCK, I know JUELZ SANTANA wore that shit back in the day, AND I CANT FIND THE PIC! You were fucking with bape for real if you had that coat at the time, that shit was like 800$ if i remember. at the time Most heads did not shop like that, even dudes I knew with money. I was still Shoplifting most shit hahahaha First Bape i got I took it from someone. Only real Bape shoes you could find In san diego Was at a store called the "ARMORY" and they...
Heres some crappy photo's of the goody's I have annexed. Im going to take good photo's of all the bomb stuff i been finding lately some time.
Well Hell......
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