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These MSRP at 135. They are unworn deadstock from a friends store, I am helping him clear them out. I have two other styles of Tretorns in other sizes Ill be listing shortly Sneakers pictured are mine I wore once, yours will be unworn in the box with extra laces. If you need more photos please check stock photos online, they are all In my buddys store Until I sell some. If you have any questions please contact.
I found some of USMC Sergeant Major Bill Paxtons gear yesterday. He is a very famous Marine here in San Diego, a book has been wrote about his life titled "OORAH". The old sateen military shirts are something I always pick up, I got a amazing air force jacket as well. I still have to do some more research on this stuff.
how many sizes did vintage ray ban wayfarers come in? I mean B&L versions. I have a pair i am trying to get info on. how many sizes did a model like this come in?
Neat pattern on this one. its 3.25 at its widest. any questions contact
went crazy this week, Found some good stuff. Ralph Lauren bucks fit me but I don't need two pairs really, I already have a white pair. The Chanel Boutique stuff i will get a ridiculous amount for. Hang Ten shirts are collectible if they are the original ones. The Og levis orange tab jacket is for ladies i think, but it was cheap. The Nike Jordan shirt is pretty valuable for a Tshirt. Oakley Frogskins are new, the Ferragamo wallet i found for free. The Kaws...
fits like a size medium, but its a vintage large. the fabric is tissue thin, very good for summer. any questions contact, check my other items and don't be afraid to shoot me some offers!
Pulled some RL good year welted bucks in excellent condition. some alfred Dunhill Vintage sunglasses and a Elton john tour shirt styled by Gianni versace.
these are 7.5 the condition is used but excellent, no flaws besides dirt. these were worn and FORGOTTEN about. any questions contact.
These are in great shape the hinges are tight and the fame is A+ the lense are nearly perfect, besides one tiny scuff on right lens the size of a pinhead. they are useable, no major flaw or scuff when you look through them. any questions contact, check the completed listings and you will see these are sought after and i priced them well.
bag is in excellent shape, no flaws and its clean. This is the classic made in israel version that retailed from Banana Republic in the 80's. Check abandoned republic.com for pics of original catalog.
New Posts  All Forums: