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Barbour Waxed Cotton bucket hat, im moving this for 50 shipped its L/XL Deadstock Kliban kitty shirt and a super rare Nike marathon shirt with a hanes tag. RRL shirt size small, pity its to small for me. Burberry Cashmere blend nova check sweater with the hanger even. LOUIS VUITTON sirius i paid 60$
that burberry is from the 90's, your good. I just dodnt understand folks who think that people would bother faking a burberry tie that isn't signature check and crappy quality. fake ties that are passable usually try to pretend to be hermes...
If you interested and want photos message me. three choices of patterns. all are hardly used.
This one has corduroy lined pockets and metal buttons, the condition is overall excellent. any questions PM me im happy to answer
Found this 1960s peacoat in excellent condition, Its a rare model with corduroy lining in the pockets, metal buttons, and double stitching on the sleeve. 38r im moving it for 120. This godawful Guess jacket will sell for a good amount. watch. Three RL large size travel totes. Im moving these 60 a piece. Found a FENDI duffle bag too, photos later.
Longchamp Le Pliage tote, Vintage tour shirt, Polo denim shirt and polo sport jacket. all meh to me but Im still out hunting.
Any questions please contact! fits like a mens Medium
I agree these photo's are very crappy, im planning on taking better ones. All of the ties are in excellent used conditions and are from before Gianni passed away. these are all more sought after designs, one design recently sold in similar condition for 150$. Shoot me a offer on the lot, Im considering just listing them all individually, but I have a lot of items to post and am willing to pass along some savings to save some work.
I had that exact scarf before, I can tell that one is indeed a Hermes scarf.
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