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FEELS LIKE I BEEN GONE FOREVER! my Daughter STEPPED ON MY LAPTOP SCREEN. I been broke as hell coming up with that and the rest of the stuff for my daughters birthday and xmas and what not, BUT, EVERYONES GIFT EXCHANGE BOXES HAVE BEEN ASSEMBLED! Everyone is getting one of the same thing (hint, its Charvet.) AND something/s unique I picked as well. I could have posted my finds up, but I got to sort through and remove the gift stuff cause I dont want to accidentally reveal...
Fly Gonzo Another chunk of the backlog lol
Heres some of the shirts I pulled in. Gonna pic more up. Its funny cause I found this one before already, now I have two. I got a TON more Neat Stuff to picture, including some Vintage Abercrombie. ATTENTION gift exchange homies. Before I start researching what to get you, message me stuff you think you would Like/want/need. Grails included in case I run across your dream out there lol
I am still alive, When i moved I had to switch internet providers, and the assholes have not come to install service yet. Once im back up ill post a big backlog of stuff, and PM everyone.
I live in San Diego, and people here don't dress well no more neither fella's, so I hate to inform you, its the age we are in. Frumpy clothes are everywhere cause thats whats mostly sold. Everyone's closet from 30+ years ago I look into shits on the modern chinese Target clothes people wear. Pendleton's must have been falling off the damn trees in the 60's cause every oldster he passes here has some in the closet. Kids are going to change things, they have been paying...
I was using my terminator Vision on something else than the forum, lol.Im already sending the homie @jompso something for sure.Forgot to mention, The real version of that LV with the kiss lock (Cigarette pack holder) has no patch on the outside, and the interior is purple and has silver writing embossed (SAKSFIFTHAVE) If you find any small leather goods with this ripped up purple silky/satin looking lining your good. The inside is pretty worn on the sometimes, but if you...
Heres a tip, go into the store and make the SA show you every small leather good. I do this every so often to re-familiarize myself with their products. That way if you come across something more recent or exclusive your not ass out completely. At this point though, my eyes scan a item like a Terminator with the red vision and everything lol. nothing gets past me.
Ayo, I just realized I been Busy and I have yet to have a chance to sign up for the gift exchange is it too late too sign up? Im down to exchange with more than one person too. lol. I slacked on signing up, but I will give good gifts. believe me.
Shits dope as fuck, but it was intended for women originally if I remember. It doesn't stop folks from wearing it though.Stop finding all this LO when im tapped out you scumbags, soon my pockets gonna be swoll and I can afford some shit lol
Why don't we have a "puke" emoji?
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