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Thrift gathering In Santa Barbara sounds intriguing. Do you have a route worked out with stops?
Whats up Randomore? Im in Pasadena selling at every Rosebowl flea market, and I am planning on going to sell Long beach and possibly Ventura too, where you at? you ever come down to San Diego?PM me if you would like. Anyone else down? I can show folks a couple spots If you come to my town. I know whats where, you dig?
French luggage company LV made in USA bag. I pulled this MCM hat out of the free pile. VERSACE. A unique pabst mirror sign, nobody has this style i can find. Glorious Tommy Jeans I found discarded in a pile. A simple Apple computers canvas tote. Everything I post Is usually up for grabs, If you want to trade me something come at me with a like Item, (versace for versace for example) not a bunch of crap you regret buying or are too lazy to list on eBay yourself lol...
Oh I knew right away under close inspection they were not the jeans i was looking for lol, I wasn't trying to check them out in front of everyone in a pile of jeans I just found gold in, I was trying to dig more. I just saw Big E with jerky tab and went and paid with a shaky hand.....
So for a lil bit I was faked out thinking I hit the big one. Levis 1944 big E. I was in some doodoo jean piles doing some searching, when these jumped out, I paid so fast and stuffed em in my bag quick,quite excited thinking they were too old and beatup to be some reissues. I got home and found japanese writing and a "madeinturkey" tab inside and was bummed. I always find OLD jeans, and these looked the damn part, they were thrashed and everything lol Im going to...
Excellent condition Pendleton black watch plaid blanket. Oakley Pilot. Some brooks brothers sweaters.
That Hilfiger is so good! prob 100- 150$ right there.... Does it say "sailing Gear" any where?
You can't rely on the same sources anyways, When you come back to the same watering hole to many times conditions change, All the sudden the water pool is small and dirty and predators are lurking lol.You got to continually evolve like a Pokemon before you get left extinct with the Dinosaurs and Neanderthals
Found these Toulouse Lautrec cotton scarves or wall hangs. Sold this immediately when I got home lol Kliban Pillow, I never leave his stuff lol "Learn to dress" Kermit for my Daughter. Bunch of stuff lol Feed sack..... lol Excellent condition Chanel Tie, Availible.
never introduce anyone to the connect, or it will end up like the movie "Blow" trust me lol
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