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Excellent condition Pendleton black watch plaid blanket. Oakley Pilot. Some brooks brothers sweaters.
That Hilfiger is so good! prob 100- 150$ right there.... Does it say "sailing Gear" any where?
You can't rely on the same sources anyways, When you come back to the same watering hole to many times conditions change, All the sudden the water pool is small and dirty and predators are lurking lol.You got to continually evolve like a Pokemon before you get left extinct with the Dinosaurs and Neanderthals
Found these Toulouse Lautrec cotton scarves or wall hangs. Sold this immediately when I got home lol Kliban Pillow, I never leave his stuff lol "Learn to dress" Kermit for my Daughter. Bunch of stuff lol Feed sack..... lol Excellent condition Chanel Tie, Availible.
never introduce anyone to the connect, or it will end up like the movie "Blow" trust me lol
You guys don't see the flippers because they are gone with the stuff before you arrive dudes.......
love your post lol
FENDI mini trunk Selvedge 501's size 25 waist lol Kliban shirt, couple of ties. Givenchy sold already.
HOW COULD YOU leave that SWEET Kitty poster behind??? I love cats, and Kliban shirts. Id never leave that!
Well, Im not trying to be a hater here, I want to put you up on game, old Dior and YSL are mostly crap made under license. these brands where not like they are now, Dior was sold in Robinsons May for example. YSL could be had at MACYS........ Don't get me wrong there is vintage French made stuff, and its good, but the Licensed stuff sort of drags it down in. You want Items from these labels far more recent.Thanks! I can never tell what folks are going to Dig in here, I...
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