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thats def legit Gino Versache.
The levis shirt is 1950's sawtooth shirt its killer and better than damn near any other levis shirt.
i just spit out my drink!
Stud service is obviously amazing. the rest are good.
Behold! neat stuff lol Aviator Briefcase with folder inside. Navy Trousers Apron Vintage Yacht Blocks Canvas leather military mail bags! HUGE sheet Turntable Chain stitched vintage new era hat for a shooting team. pendleton wool hat http://techno-science.ca/en/collection-research/collection-item.php?id=1987.0913.001 this guy had a ton of nasa stuff. I got this for a buck.
The right polo country is worth more than any RRL, the only reason resale on regular pieces is low is because the brand is defunct and people don't recognize its crazy expensive like RRL. Does anyone remember that native pancho homie found on here? that shits on RRL
boyfriend fit.
Nike bag. Yeah. Stallone Cobra glasses punk. I love these but im not elite enough to wear em yet. I need more boss status to throw around, and its a shame, cause i was boss enough as a teen to wear em, but I was into hardcore shit then, Im a dad right now and I feel silly wearing them. Sucks cause these are some of my all time favorite Cartiers's. I know the stores deadstock they came from, someone won it at a storage auction and I knew them. They priced ALL the...
DO NOT DONATE TO GOODWILL, they are for profit and do not benefit the drug addicts and disabled they hire as much as hiring them benefits them. there is a ton of charitable thrifts that actually use donations to help people, I donate to "African alliance" they give furniture, clothes and financial assistance to refugee's and I have seen firsthand how much it helps. Goodwill I wish the worst on for taking peoples shit for free and marking up all the trash crazy high, then...
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