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still have?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rdA21ZCzlM I wonder if this guy will approve. SHELL CORDOVAN LOVVVVEEEEE
thats real, the guy above was playing around.
im thinking of waxing some coats now. prob never get around to it
Thomas Magnums shirt from Magnum P.!. I listed a cap gun from the franchise as well. I got a ton of stuff listed on the marketplace, ebay and etsy, if you like something feel free to make an offer Jean Paul Gaultier Shades made of titanium.
These are a collector pair, they were gifted to a friend who never wore them and gave them to me to sell. Excellent condition and authentic.
Small pen mark on one side, might come out with some elbow grease. not noticeable anyway, any questions contact.
Size large, in great shape besides a bit of a stain inside where its not visible when worn, looks washable Size large, any questions contact:happy:
Found a Vintage banana Republic "photo journalist" vest, The same shirt thomas magnum wore on Magnum pi, a Beavis and Butthead Hockey jersey, and a north face laptop bag. I got better stuff but i don't have pics of it yet.
Size 9 they could use a polish but are in great shape with lots of life. shoot me a PM ill answer quick, im on right now.
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