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I got two Pairs of those Giant jeans somewheres, but mine don't have the paper tags no more. I got a big and tall pair from 90's with a 60 inch waist once.
naw, nobody checks for the lacrosse logo really.
hudson bay 4 point blanket. Heres some Funk. Mike Tyson shirt Goatskin "Californian" jacket Mint TNF and a Vintage hot weather flyers jacket :nodding:AHAHAHA NWT???? Fricken swatches..... DS NIKE VINTAGE OLD GUCCI worst pic ever of a BRIONI ROMAN STYLE expressly for a.ugolini & figli lol I actually got this from the ex girlfriend of a friend of mine who was a hippie. She was selling this and the californian at a local "dirt mall". I don't know where she...
I wonder what a feller in suede pants was doing to get blood....nevermind
I appreciate the compliment! I Been around for a long while, Im not going anywhere.
could not pass. I used to LOVE these squirt guns when I was a kid. They will serve me well this summer. SEARS workwear with a Talon Zipper. Popeye Game & watch. A payload that I rescued Hobo Laundry bag SEARS Tri blend Hickory striped overalls, Union made. They are new without tags. Montgomery Ward Deadstock Overalls with all the paper tags and everything. Im going to take some more pictures of them. Are folks really doing those Giant loops, or was that a joke?...
Polo Cowboy suspenders.
Oh wow, im nowhere near that guy, First of all I didn't type half a page, second of all the last part was a joke.
Thats creepy for sure.Pink undies on dread man?
I see this guy every weekend, he's def a reseller, But he's a dinosaur, too old and out of touch. by all means any dude with some real cowboy/western flavor would have grabbed this vest for 3$ Like I said dude had some ghetto jeans on with his cowboy fit, he don't know shit.There is dude's out there who Know, and I know they know, and they know i know. you get it? lol:D
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