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I'm looking for someone to proxy something for me from Austria to the US. Please PM me. Thanks!
For sale is a pair of buttero black zip up boots in size 40. this fit like a eur 41 or US 42. fits the same as common projects 41, paul smith 41, n.d.c. 41, kva 41, mmm 42, chuck taylor 9. the boots are in great condition. buttero makes very high quality boots, including boots for dior homme. boots are made in italy. the previous owner had the boots died black and they look awesome with very slight hint of dark brown. i myself probably wore them around 5 times.
dior homme 19cm day after day jeans in size 28. the jeans are in excellent condition. the button was replaced by the previous owner, the denim itself looks flawless. never washed so there is no color fading. original inseam, unhemmed. this is my personal favorite pair of diors, but they don't fit me anymore waist flat across: 15.5" inseam: 36" leg opening: 7"
lol, nah man, i like superman. i've been hyping about this movie for a long time. no one will ever be as cool as batman but i grew up watching those superman cartoons like everyday. i enjoyed the movie but i'm just sayin, i think it could've been better if they didn't over do the fast high flying explosive action sequences. compare neo vs smith in the first matrix to neo vs smith in the second and third matrix. the second and third were boring because it was missing all...
exactly. it was like he had no weaknesses at all. just go all out and do all that's necessary to defeat the villain without giving a damn about the city or people he's ultimately trying to save.
it wasn't bad, but the action was overkill. did anyone else say "wtf" when superman tackled zod through a oil tanker and then a gas station, both of which exploded?? and the gas station had people and cars in it too. why did he drag them to a small town instead of fighting them on a large field?? just seemed very careless and inconsiderate of all the innocent bystandards. there were just too many explosions, too much destruction, and the fight scenes just seemed to drag on...
i'm looking for the shades of grey jacket that's pictured or something similar to it. in size small, but medium may work as well if it fits slim. please let me know. thanks
link to right thread?
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