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I am breaking in some Chip and Pepper Picklewagon raw denim. While I know it isn't APC quality, it does seem okay for the price. Does anybody have these? I know to wear them 6 mos before washing, but how many days it take for raw denim to start to soften?
I'm a big fan of the Oliver Peoples family (Mosely Tribes, OP, and Paul Smith). But I am somewhat concerned about the future with the transfer of ownership to Luxottica.
It is certainly comfortable.
Does anyone have the Harrison Capital E? I was looking at them and wondered about the quality of the denim?
I am looking to try some apc rescues and have a fairly athletic build, i.e. muscular thigs. If I size down one size, will there still be enough room in the thighs?
As my first excursion into raw denim, I ordered one pair of Good Society relaxed and one pair of Chip & Pepper Picklewagon Twin City. When I spoke to the salesperson, he recommended sizing down in Good Society, so I did. While ordering the Chip and Pepper, the salesperson recommended ordering my normal size. Does anyone have experience with either of these jeans? Just wanted to make sure I needed to size down in Good Society and stay normal size with Chip and...
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