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Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Lol. Yeah, screech is awful. But you are not a true Newfie until Screeched In, as they say. Awful rum, and the natives are more fond of Lamb's up there.
Vanishing Point is my daily user. Not as baller as Mont Blanc or Dunhill, but writes great.
Quote: Originally Posted by 45elkton Any idea which AEs? Probably in the market for a pair or two Also really enjoy the Natick Collection. That was my go-to when I was living in Boston. Thanks for the info. The Park Avenues, as mentioned earlier, as well as a double soled brougue in walnut (can't remember the name). Was tempted by those, but got something else instead, some Timberland Boot Co. chukkas.
Black. Very flattering.
SALT Optics are the way to go. About the same price as Oliver Peopls, but the build quality is much better. Also, if you find some of the Ray Ban limited Editions (Wayfarers, Caravans, and Aviators) the build quality of those is great. I have some of the Caravans and they are probably my favorite pair of sunglasses. I'm just afraid to take them very many places because I don't want to lose or break them.
Can't imagine the OP is still looking, but I love my Aquaracer. It's a fun watch and different from your ordinary diver. I have the Blue limited edtion one that raised money for the NRDC. Also have an Omega, too. Really can't go wrong with either brand.
Go Salt Optics and you will never go back. I have the SALT Nicolas, gold & g-15. It's my favorite pair of sunglasses.
I have the jack spade work twill haversack in gray and love it. Even better, it is on sale at Nordstrom right now.
Can't go wrong with adidas shell toes, forums or sambas.
Citizens of Humanity is my favorite.
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