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Not a problem for me at all. In fact, I rather like it.
Seersucker might work, too. But if you are concerned about linen, it might not be an option.
It seems like JCrew's pricing is somewhat off, too. While the stuff is great, they are putting stuff on sale rather quickly. They are becoming similar to the Gap in that regard.
I've tried Persol, but just can't seem to find any that fit me very well, or at least they don't make the style they used to have that fit my face. I hate it when that happens.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Long thread, but question seems to have been lost in the shuffle. What are good raw jeans that are relaxed in the seat/thigh, with little to no taper?
I would want a straight relaxed, with no to little taper. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Can anybody recommend some raw jeans that are relaxed in the thigh & seat area?
Guess I should have asked before I ordered. You live, you learn, I guess. At least they were 40% off.
I took advantage of Levi's 40% off sale this morning and ordered some Capital E's in a broken in model. How is the quality of the materials used in this jean?
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