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KU v. Missourah is never meaningless, particularly in this part of the country. It's the only rivalry that actually began with war.
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby (Ryan Reynolds isn't 1/2 the player Orakpo is.) True, given that Reynolds blew out his knee!
The difficulty in finding a job.
TCU beat BYU, a better win than that of Arkansas over LSU (7-5, 3-5). Remember LSU had to overcome a 28 point deficit to beat Troy. Blah, Blah, Blah might be the best argument you've made so far. What about OU losing Ryan Reynolds during the Texas game? If that excuse works for the Horns at Tech, then it works for OU during its game.
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Uh. UT beat OU by two scores on a neutral field. There is no question which team is better. There isn't a reason to look at OOC competition. But even if we did, Arkansas and Rice would both give Cincy and TCU a game. Neither of those teams is worth two shits. I can't believe anyone would try to act as though OU deserves to get a MNC b/c they beat Cincy and TCU. Ask yourself this: is there any doubt UT...
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Virginia Tech finished the season ranked #9 with three losses. I know this is the sort of achievement that Mangino puts on XXXXXL shirts, but it's not a program-making accomplishment. But it's funny that you are talking shit about USC's schedule, when, at worst, OSU will likely finish ranked around ten with three losses. Best win ever! As far as 07-08 Kansas BBall being dirty, I'm talking about KU hiring...
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Texas was mediocre last year and still would have won the North. Mizzou and Kansas got lucky that they didn't have to play us (and Kansas didn't have to play OU or TT). Oh well. If you're a Kansas fan, at least you have bball and your (bought) title. That team was dirty. Kansas beat the #3 BCS team in its bowl last year, the Big 12's best out of conference win all year. And pray tell, how did...
Again, all I asked is for one quality win USC has this year. Ohio State, the team that was playing without its best player and didn't play it's best QB? Maybe USC has to play a decent schedule because the Pac 10 is so awful? Sorry, Notre Dame and Ohio State are not great opponents.
I thought that was clear that I know the weakness of the North, as mentioned in my thought that the top 2 teams in the BCS rankings should play for the Big 12 championship. But my team does have a BCS win recently, and the North was arguably better than the South last year. For all the USC fans out there, can you point to one quality win the Trojans had this year? Can anyone argue that the Pac 10 was stronger than the Big East or ACC this year? I'm not going to...
I think Cinciy could certainly come within 20 of Penn State. What isn't arguable is that OU has more quality BCS wins (top 15) than any other team in the discussion. Also, of all the one loss teams, OU's is the best (Oregon State, Ole Miss, Iowa, Texas Tech). USC should schedule tougher out of conference if they want to complain, and not a "quality" Big 10 team.
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