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Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Exactly so. I have no problem with that. If you were a Harris Poll voter, you could have voted for Tech as number 1 or 2 (anonymously) and hoped they went to the Big XII title game. Great. Doesn't make any difference to me or my consideration that UT is the best team in the conference. So are you saying you would have picked Tech as the best team in the Big XII? Great. Kansas fans have lots of experience...
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby And to the Jayhawk - great, if you want to consider Tech, fine, lets. They are, after all a one loss team. Feel free to rank them in the top two. Unless you're just parroting disingenuous Stoopsian arguments. Three way tie! Three way tie! Ignore that game in Dallas! Great, vote Tech in the top two (and feel free to put Bama or Ol' Miss or Iowa or Oregon State there as well, for all I care). Now...
You Horn fans are killing me. If you want to do any version of head to head, you simply have to include Tech. If you throw out Tech because they aren't worthy, well then what does that say about your loss? If OU's crushing victory rules out Tech, doesn't that mean OU is pretty damned good?
Agree, true to size, and they are different from the Chucks everyone seems to wear.
If watches count, I'd say my Omega. If not, I'd say my raw denim.
I wonder how much they had to photoshop that. She's cute for a fatty.
Quote: Originally Posted by visionology Shes the only VS model I think is hot. Not a Marisa Miller fan, eh?
The same could be said for Douglas County, where Lawrence is located.
Nice try. So when you refer to elite, I assume you are referencing A&M? Must be great to live in a state where 24% of voters believed Obama was a Muslim. Shouldn't your picture be of Forrest instead of Sherman?
Yeah, it must really suck to have the largest athletic budget by far in the Big 12.
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