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USC and Penn State have nothing to complain about, as those conferences were both weak this year, particularly the Pac 10. I agree that Texas may have gotten the shaft, but there is no way to straighten out the mess. As a Big 12 fan, I hope that the conference amends its bylaws to say the two highest ratest BCS teams meet in the championship fan. And I say that as a fan of a Big 12 North team.
As a legit question, would Ohio State be any higher than the 6th or 7th best team in the Big 12? And what has USC done this year to even be mentioned as a national title contender?
Wanted to check if anyone had the IWC Spitfire UTC on the croc strap. That is a watch I am definitely interested in, and wanted to see some pictures of it.
I like watches. If you think about a nice automatic watch that you can leave for a child or niece/nephew, I think that is pretty cool.' Also, if you don't lose them, I think the sunglasses are worth a premium. Have to protect the eyes. I also agree with the haircut. It's one of the first things people notice. As for the cheap items, underwear, socks, tshirts are almost always from Target. Things to get on the cheap for me
Charlie has to be one of the best dressed men in rock history.
I absolutely hate losing things, and I am going through the process of replacing my keys right now. It is going to be great fun replacing keys, as opposed to something you can upgrade.
Beautiful Omega!
Certainly throws a wrench into fantasy leagues right around playoff time.
What is the most relaxed of the Crate's fit, i.e. comparable to the APC Rescues?
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