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Apparently, the APC Rescues work in this situation.
Here eyes are amazing. And the rest of here is great, too.
The only thing my wife notices is that I wear them for a while before washing. She is always asking me when I will wash them, and I say not yet.
Oddly, I find myself liking the Tommy Hilfiger looks.
I'm a little different than most on the board, having a preference for retro sneakers. Primarily an Adidas guy, but I find Nike makes retro shoes with actual technology that makes them comfortable. Check out Air Zoom Tennis Trainers and Terra Humara for examples.
JCrew is solid, and I have been enjoying the sales lately.
This is a tough one, as different skins react with different scents, etc. For me, I like Polo Black in the winter.
How many lbs do you think are photoshopped out?
turn them into cutoffs
Big fan of the Oliver Peoples family, have a pair of Peoples, Paul Smith and Mosley Tribes.
New Posts  All Forums: