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I bought some Levi's Capital E Harrison recently, and love these jeans.
I have the Aric model, and love them. The optical clarity is fantastic, and they are very comfortable. The only thing I have that is close are a pair of Salt Optics. Pricey, but good glasses.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Her ass is too much to handle at times. Actually, her whole bottom half is just terrific. I agree, her legs are fantastic.
It will be funny to watch them lose, just at a higher price.
She's gorgeous, beautiful skin and eyes. Even with the fivehead, she is beautiful.
Great game, hopefully there is a repeat for the NFC championship game.
I know we aren't supposed to like Chip and Peppers but I do find them comfortable, particularly the Big Pickles I have.
M3, Mazda 3 that is. Enjoyable car to drive in its price range.
I was out there Christmas shopping the other day, and it looks like things might be deeper than normal this year. Things were already on sale, so I'd guess discounts will be better than in the past.
Brothers and Sister. Wife made me watch it, but it is good.
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