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Not a big fan of the Submariner, but my favorite is the "Kermit".
The recent Vanity Fair spread would qualify as hot.
I would say no, as a state law school graduate.
Quote: Originally Posted by bure Anyone know if the J-Crew 'cotton-cashmere' sweaters are scratchy? Is it worth it to go for their $250 cashmere (don't have it in Navy though)? I have a couple of these and are actually quite soft, not scratchy at all.
I had a pair of these (pre SF days) and they fit great. I felt compelled to rid myself of them after lurking around here a while.
Depends, if it's a Vineyard Vines Christmas tie, I wear it. Judgment call on other novelty ties.
I thought Great Big Sea hailed from Newfoundland? Having roots in Newfoundland (Labrador) I want to claim them.
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke i like robert marc eyewear.. anyone else wear these? I wanted to try them, especially at Gilt prices, but it's my understanding they make very few polarized models.
While I have some raw denim, I also have a couple of pairs of Chip and Peppers and AG that I like well, too. The only ones that would have "garish" stitching are my Chip and Pepper Big Pickles. But they are the most comfortable, too. All jeans have their place, but the less distressing the better in my opinion.
It depends on your definition of rock, but if Joni Mitchell has been mentioned, I feel comfortable mentioning Great Big Sea.
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