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Quote: Originally Posted by ms244 I can't see the lines on the road. Went to get my stuff from mid-MO back to Colorado. At least I had a nice steak and drank a bottle of cheap bourbon with my good friend over Xmas. Snow should ease up in two hours. Make this thread interesting until then. If you were east of Lawrence, you should have holed up there. A lot of local flavor to sample, but probably not as good with the students gone.
I like the Allen Edmonds product that is a mix of cream and wax.
While I certainly respect his athletic accomplishments and his dedication to cancer awareness/fundraising, I cannot get behind him too much. It seems that once he became a celebrity, he ditched his beautiful wife and kids to live a celebrity lifestyle.
JCrew would be a pretty solid step up from A&F without any price differential.
Is it illegal to watch movies like this? I am not trying to be a pain, just wondering if it's legal.
Going from A& F to anything else is up.
Go to a quality optician and try on a lot of frames.
Take them to a tailor that specializes in denim, and they will recommend the proper length.
Nothing glamorous today, just a long sleeve white Lacoste Polo.
Interesting, although I would concur with previous sentiments.
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