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Quote: Originally Posted by TheGreek Lying?? Isnt your pres.elect involved in the corruption with that Illinois Gov? I know, I know, hes as innocent as the clintons when it came to the whitewater scam. I mean scandal. damn hippocrites! Short answer: No.
This, along with the dreading Red Ring of Death for the XBox, doesn't do much to inspire confidence in Microsoft.
Lying, I mean working for this president would certainly age a person.
Initially said IWC Spitfire UTC, but might go for a Planet Ocean instead.
The only chanel I'd miss out of those is Comedy Central.
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum I saw no evidence of said talent in the happening. Awful movie, but she looked good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara It's called re-election. Thanks, smartass. I was curious about the constituency that reelected her.
How could she serve multiple terms in the House?
It's definitely a cunning move, if nothing else. Besides appointing someone who seems respected, he also puts the Senate in a box. How will they look if they refuse to seat the only African American member of the Senate?
Jcrew usually has some boots or oxfords for sale that go with jeans.
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