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too bad, I was looking to sell some Dixon.
Careful with those, I think the bridge is verry wide. Not sure they are a good fit for everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet In an ideal world I'd cop patek. I was in the jeweler a week or so getting my wife a new watch and some guy had a 1957 calatrava he inherited from his grandfather. It was one of the prettiest watches I've seen, but definitely small by today's standards.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorrerjm What band do you think would go well with this? I think a mid- dark brown calf or gator would look nice with that. Just my opinion, though.
The discussions should begin and end with 3 sneakers: Adidas All Stars Converse Jack Purcell Nike All Court. That should pretty much cover things.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dbear Anyone recommend Aviator sunglasses, but with squarish lenses/frames, like these? Preferably under 2 bills. Those pictures are BVLGARI and retail @ $390 Ray Ban Caravan is your best bet. Love those Persols up there; I have a black pair with Green polarized lenses that is similar.
Quote: Originally Posted by ratboycom I dont wear a watch because I have tiny little girl wrists and normal men's watches look huge on me. Purely aesthetic as there are enough clocks around everywhere that I rarely need to consult my phone or wrist for the time. The good news for you is that watch sizes seem to be trending down. Articles reporting on Baselworld said this continues the trend seen last year. My very first watch was the Omega...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hartmann Lol. Yeah, screech is awful. But you are not a true Newfie until Screeched In, as they say. Awful rum, and the natives are more fond of Lamb's up there.
Vanishing Point is my daily user. Not as baller as Mont Blanc or Dunhill, but writes great.
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